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2IC JFST (3611)

Vacancy summary

OF-2 - Lt - Capt RM - Capt - Flt Lt

11/10/2023, 17:00 

August 2023
3 years
Operational Support
Joint Fires Synthetic Trainer, Royal Artillery Barracks
United Kingdom
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

Unit Role:  Responsible for providing the command and control for the Divisional Artillery Group in support of 3rd (United Kingdom) Division. 
Position Role: Provision of Joint and Collective training in a synthetic environment. 2IC JFST Facility, support OC JFST in delivery of Special to Arm (StA) JE and ALI synthetic trg within a Jt Org
1. 2IC JFST, G3/G5 Lead for the management and delivery of facility outputs (Larkhill and oversight of unit facilities). Deputise for OC/SO2 JFST.
2. Instructor and coord for the delivery of 1 Arty Bde synthetic Special to Arm (StA) JF and ALI training.
3. Manage liaison with the training audience and wider dependents on behalf of OC JFST.
4. Coordinate provision of Land Augmentee support to JFST training activity.
5. Supervision of the training audience/provide Jt Fires SME oversight as required to WF SMEs.
6. Creation of scenarios and OSW to meet FEs trg objectives and support WF creation of simulated scenarios to deliver training.
7. Support to training up to and including TL HOTEL (including JTACs).
8. Report to Army HQ and TSSP on JFST equipment availability (support contract for all sites).
IT, FST Comd, FAC/JTAC, experience in Bde/Div staff
FTRS Boarding Process

Ability to work in the Joint environment within a small mixed contractor / military team.