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SO2 E & C PPSI APSG (2 positions) (13458)

Vacancy summary

2193317, 2193319
OF-3 - Lt Cdr - Maj - Sqn Ldr

29/02/2024, 17:00 

April 2024
24 Months
United Kingdom
FTRS - Limited Commitment

Vacancy detail

This role involves investigating injury to and deaths of Service Personnel, analysing findings and presenting recommendations to prevent recurrence. It is an opportunity to improve the way the Army does business and improve the lived experience of our personnel at all ranks. The ability to directly influence and drive policy change to address issues is rewarding

Domestic Considerations: FTRS (LC) post, some travel and overnight duty away from home station may be required.
Role is Andover based. Hybrid working is possible but there is a requirement for a minimum of three days per week in office in Andover.

Position Role:  Investigate causes of death, serious injury and self-harm in order to prevent recurrence, acting as President for Service Inquiries (SI) when required.

1. As President conduct SI/NSI on behalf of the 2* Convening Authority incl briefing families, HM Coroners, and stakeholders as necessary.
2. Provide expert advice to the Convening Authority in the drafting of Convening Orders and Terms of Reference.
3. Analyse accidents, incidents, mistakes and errors to determine the requirement for an SI/NSI with the Reviewing Authority.
4. Analyse incidents and recommendations, identify trends and provide evidence for necessary policy and procedural change.
5. Manage and deliver the Learning Account (LA) process through engagement with the chain of command and others involved in the Lessons process.
6. Provide information, advice and guidance on the generation of LAs to the chain of command in order to improve the quality of recommendations identified; mentoring as required.
7. Provide guidance to units on supporting policy, policy updates and work being undertaken to address recommendations.
8. Conduct briefs and engagement with Div HQ, fmn HQ and units as required, to educate on the LA and SI processes.
Pers (J1/G1) experience at staff or RD.
Operational experience
Previous staff experience
SUC, Regt/Bn 2i/c, or Adjt experience
Previous Pers experience
Apply direct here through to boarding
Role requires a minimum of three days in office in Andover per week.

This opportunity is closed to applications.