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Vacancy summary

OF-3 - Lt Cdr - Maj - Sqn Ldr

28/02/2024, 17:00 

March 2024
24 months
United Kingdom
FTRS - Full Commitment

Vacancy detail

1. BPT deploy from VHR (R2) on Contingent Ops as LC LNO to either JFAC HQ (@ MS / LS) or JFHQ (@ SS).
2. Contingent Ops: Establish and maintain robust links with JFLC G2 and ISTAR cells.
3. Contingent Ops. Provide specialist G2 advice to the AC A2 and capability advice on FLC ISTAR assets.  Present LC HQ assessment of ground sit to AC and facilitate the commonality of interpretation and understanding.
4. Contingent Ops. Represent needs of LC Int and Tgts Staff within the AC.
5. Contingent Ops. Facilitate 'Fast-track' ISTAR and BDA requirements between AC and LC HQs.  Provide a focal point for the coordination of Air  ISTAR assets in support of the LC G2.
6. Barracks.  Work with ISRD to maintain Understand within JFACHQ
7. Barracks:  BPT lead on the production of BCD(A) related SOP/SOIs, contribute to wider doctrinal debate and Force Development as necessary. 
8. Barracks: Promote ALI and the BCD(A) with JFHQ & single Service Warfare Centres. Contribute to the planning and execution of BCD(A) and JFAC ex and trg. 
NATO Cosmic TS Security Clearance required.
Recent Land G2 or J2 experience.
Must be effective at building and maintinag professional relationships in a Joint operational environment.
Must be proactive in identifying areas of need and assisting Air staff in Air Land intelligence fusion.
Previous experience in manoeuvre formation level HQs and Joint environments.
Recent operational exeperience.
Should be able to generate credibility with Land units.
Previous Air experience.
Via APC No5 Board
The Inter-Component Co-ordination Liaison role is important in the COE. Experienced and current staff within a lean BCD(A) establishment is important to the smooth liaision between Land and Air. SO2 G2 is the link into Air ISRD and should have credibility with Air staff officers in JFACHQ and the supported LC HQ. The SO2 J2 should be proactive, efficient and good at working within intent with minimal direction for the good of the Land and Air operational endeavour. 

This opportunity is closed to applications.