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SO3 Org (13426)

Vacancy summary

OF-2 - Lt - Capt RM - Capt - Flt Lt

27/02/2024, 17:00 

May 2024
36 Months
Operational Support
Field Army Troops Support Branch
United Kingdom
FTRS - Limited Commitment

Vacancy detail

SO3 Org will provide organisational support, change delivery and conduct assurance.
1. Maintain assurance register for all activity affecting FdAT organisations as directed through change programmes, projects and Implementation Orders; this may include up to 30 NOOB/year for unit assurance visits.
2. Lead for Org input to CCIRs from DComd FdAT, COS FA, ACOS Ops, ACOS Plans and Bde and Gp Comds.
3. Produce and update FdAT ORBATs, structure diagrams/charts and FESCs.
4. Undertake analysis of FdAT workforce requirements, provide input to HQ Fd Army Mil Strat Plans.
5. Manage and submit Org related staffwork to HQ Fd Army following liaison with Bdes, Gps and units.
6. Coord and submit monthly FdArmy Workforce Requirement Committee (FAWFRC) staffwork on Recruiting and Extension of Army Res, FTRS and UKB to Mil Strat Plans.
7. Manage FTRS extension applications of FdAT Gps/units incl posts advertisement onto SERVE for FdAT SpBr in liaison with CM Res, APC.
8. Manage posts prioritisation (No4/5/7 Bds) through Mil Strat Plans for APC boarding for FdAT Bdes/Gps and Units.
9. Manage Army Talent Management System (ATMS) and JobSpecs of FdAT SpBr and advice Bdes/Gps when req.
10. Deputise for SO1 Org during periods of absence.
P3M foundation.
ATMS Training.
IT literate.
1. Whilst this post is E2 an understanding of Org, derived from wide experience is desirable.
3. Any previous staff experience would be beneficial. Previous Org, plans, project management experience.
Apply direct here through to boarding
Based in Upavon but may require frequent travel to and work from Andover due to the dispersed nature of the FdAT Sp Branch. The post will potentially require the individual to travel and spend nights out of bed within the UK and Germany during periods of directed change and during structural review, often at short notice.
2. FdAT is undergoing change as part of Future Soldier, it is a dynamic and evolving entity which provides an interesting and complex challenge.
3. Warrant Officers Class 1 are welcome to apply; and this post will move to Andover in future.

This opportunity is closed to applications.