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RAO 3 PWRR (13144)

Vacancy summary

OF-3 - Lt Cdr - Maj - Sqn Ldr

11/06/2024, 17:00 

March 2024
36 Months
3 PWRR (Infantry)
United Kingdom
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

Domestic Considerations: Should live within 50 miles/1 hour travelling distance from the Army Reserve Centre in Rochester.

1.  Manage the Regimental Administrative Office (RAO) in accordance with current policy. 
2.  Manage the timely and effective delivery of unit personnel administration .  
3.  Manage the Quality Assurance of personnel administration procedures.
4.  Manage the delivery of JPA HR Professional Services for the Battalion.
5.  Manage all aspects of Finance; both Public and Non-Public Funds for the unit.
6.  Unit Imprest Checking Officer
7.  The Unit Resettlement Officer.
8.  Unit Data Protection Officer.
9.  Unit Senior Civilian Staff Line Manager and Recruiter.
10. Unit Civilian Champion.
11. Manage the Reserve RAO department including the succession planning in the sub-units.
1. RAO qualified.
2. Service funds Manager qualified.
3. Resettlement Officer.
4. Cat B driving licence.
1. CNO qualified.
2. Good understanding of military applications such as; JPA, Churchill, Muster, Assett Register, PPS etc.
3. Understand roles and manage the PVRO officer in unit.
4. Understanding of the RAO (SPS) Dept responsibilitesd in unit. Ensuring AGC SPS personnel are managed across the unit as immediate line manger.
Apply direct here through to APC boarding
• Able to impart accurate, balanced, and credible financial advice to the Chain of Command. Manages change effectively.
• A thorough knowledge of personnel administration, including JPA and G1 (Discipline) Public and Non-Public Funds and Accounting procedures.  Credible in passing advice to the CO and CoC.
• Able to communicate effectively orally and on paper and with the CoC, with the Permanent Staff (military and civilian)
• Have RAO revious experience or been an RAWO of another unit.