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Trg Offr

Vacancy summary

OF-1 - Mid/Sub Lt - 2Lt/Lt - Plt/Fg Offr, OF-2 - Lt - Capt RM - Capt - Flt Lt
Captain, Lieutenant

15/07/2022, 23:55 

August 2022
36 months
Strensall, York
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom
RSDs - Reserve Service Days

Vacancy detail

Domestic Considerations:  This is an Army Reserve post in a Nationally Recruited Unit.  Minimum training requirement is 19 RSDs plus an additional 42 RSDs are allocated to this post.  Whilst CRHQ AMS is located in York, unit training takes place at various locations and therefore some travel is required.
Position Role: Training Officer; The practical implementation of training policies, training directives and intentions in accordance with the Commanding Officer's Training Directive during peacetime in barracks training.  Operations Officer; Collation, assimilation and dissemination of information and intelligence.
1.  Plan and organise the annual training programme in conjunction with the 2i/c, SO2 G3 and PSI in accordance with the Commanding Officer's Training Directive.
2.   Coordinate the training and testing and maintain records for the unit's Individual Training Requirements (ITRs) in conjunction with the PSIs.
3.  The preparation of Warning Orders and Administrative Instructions for weekend training and Annual Continuous Training.
4.  Auditing the value of training for the individual and the Regiment.
5.  Represent the Commanding Officer at Training Meetings.
6.  Produce, analyse & disseminate Operational Orders & Directives.   
7.  Produce, analyse, extract from and disseminate Mobilisation Plans.  
8.  Plan, design & execute Command Post Exercises. 



Powers of Communication                                              

Effective Intelligence

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