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Vacancy summary

Royal Air Force
OF-1 - Mid/Sub Lt - 2Lt/Lt - Plt/Fg Offr, OF-2 - Lt - Capt RM - Capt - Flt Lt
Flight Lieutenant, Flying Officer

24/06/2022, 23:55 

August 2022
5 years
Royal Air Force
United Kingdom
RSDs - Reserve Service Days

Vacancy detail

A vacancy has arisen for the position of 2IC B Squadron Team 1, Joint Service Signal Unit (Volunteers) RAF Digby, with an initial start date of Aug 22. The post holder is responsible for the effective administration, training and operations management of Team 1.

The postholder is required to have a Developed Vetting level of security and PAG screening.   

The successful candidate will be employed under RAuxAF PTVR Terms and Conditions of Service (TACOS).  The start date in post will be commensurate with the confirmation of their Developed Vetting security status.   As an integral member of the Unit, they will also be required to support other whole-Unit tasks and activities, including training weekends, Cap Dev (Capability Development), FPREP (Force Preparation) and Annual Camp Training.

JSSU(V) offers continuous personal and professional training and development, and the post holder will benefit from opportunities for career progression, mentoring, mobilising and deploying as a fully qualified, experienced and valued Reservist. 

Role Responsibilities will include:

Liaise with B Sqn HQ to coordinate key J1-J9 functions for the Team.

Manage the Team MS matrix and liaise with B Sqn and Unit HQ elements regarding all MS matters

Work closely with B Sqn’s Trg/Ops Offr to ensure the cohesion of Team support to training weekends

Assist B Sqn HQ in the planning and delivery of Annual Continuous Training; Hermes Venture.

Maintain own competence in JCG/DSE/PAG disciplines in order to understand, manage and contribute to operations.

Lead, guide, mentor and career manage those Team personnel under their command

Any other duties commensurate with rank and experience.


Must have attained at least the rank of Fg Offr or is currently provisionally selected for promotion to Fg Offr.

DV Clearance. Those candidates who do not hold the required level of security clearance, must be willing to submit to the current DV clearance and PAG screening processes;

 An offer of employment will be provisional and dependent upon obtaining the requisite DV clearance and PAG screening.

For the purposes of National Security, the candidate must be a UK national, and not hold a dual nationality.

Recent experience of the JCG/CEMA/DSE.

Experience of Joint and/or Army administration processes.

Experience of the Reserves.

Candidate applications must include;

  1. a CV (maximum 2 pages)
  2. copies of their last 3 appraisal reports

Applications should be sent to:

Capt Sam Blackshaw – 


RAF Digby, Lincolnshire, LN4 3LH

Tel: 01526 327589


The closing date for applications is 24 June 22  

Only those candidates who have been selected for interview will be informed of their successful application thus far.

Enquiries concerning the vacancies should also be made to:

Name: Capt Sam Blackshaw – 

Tel: 01526 327589

Selection Process:  

Once an individual has been invited to interview, an Interview Panel will carry out a rigorous selection process for this post.

The panel will consider all applicants who have attained the required qualifications.   The last 3 appraisal reports for all ex-Regular RAF applicants will be considered.

The appointment is on Part Time Volunteer Reserve (PTVR) TACOS in accordance with AP 3392 Vol 7 Part 1 Chapter 16 and AP3392 Vol 7 Part 3 Chapter 2 for an initial period of 5 years.

Confirmation of appointment will depend on successful completion of a RAF Medical Board.  Personnel who do not meet the Age/Permanent Joint Medical Employment Standard (PJMES) may apply for the appointment but will only be considered subject to an Executive Waiver process and on a case by case basis.

Candidates who have been out of regular or reserve service for more than 5 years may be considered for this appointment.  Prior approval must be sought from the relevant Branch & Trade Advisor to confirm current and past experience prior to being invited to interview.


Members of the RAuxAF are required to complete 27 days as a minimum to qualify for CoE.

JSSU(V) requires its members to attend one training weekend per month to maintain trade currency, and to build on and improve their operational capability.

Members of JSSU(V) should expect to deploy with the Unit for at least 2-weeks each year by way of Annual Continuous Training (ACT). They may also be required to attend courses / conferences at a variety of locations away from RAF Digby as necessary.

Unless already enlisted, the successful applicant will be required to be enlisted in the RAuxAF with a liability for call-out for permanent service.

Candidates who have been out of regular or reserve service for more than 5 years may be considered for this appointment.  Prior approval may be sought from the relevant Branch & Trade Advisor to confirm current and past experience prior to being invited to interview.

Regular Service Applicants.  Personnel currently serving in the Regular Royal Air Force should be mindful of the current Early Termination Minimum Waiting Time (MWT) for their respective Rank, Branch/Trade and ensure this MWT is compatible with the post sponsor’s proposed start date, prior to applying.

Ex-Service candidates who have been administratively discharged through the QR1027 process will have their applications rejected as they are not eligible to join the RAF Reserves in accordance with AP 3391 (Vol 3, Lft 207, Annex L, Para 1a).

Pension Matters.  Personnel who qualify for a Service pension should take financial advice from Defence Business Services (DBS) Pensions Department on the effect that undertaking Reserve Service has on their pension (details can be found on the JPA splash screen). Additional guidance can also be found at particular note is reference to the ‘Effect of Re-employment on Commutation’.

Individual Reinforcement Training (IRT) (Module 1) and RAF Fitness Test (RAFFT).  Reserve personnel are required to maintain currency in IRT and the RAFFT iaw the relevant TACOS. 


This opportunity is closed to applications.