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LTF(Sennelager) NCO VITAL

Vacancy summary

OR-4 - LH/LR - Cpl

30/06/2022, 17:00 

August 2022
24 months
Land Training Fleet Sennelager
Nordrhein Westfalen
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

Unit Role: To prepare and present Land Training Fleet (Sennelager) platforms, associated equipment and Garrison Support Unit Training enablement of vehicles & wpns at the correct standard in order to support authorised training activity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Responsibilities: 1.  The VITAL NCO is responsible for the effective running of their staff and the DP which includes all VITAL Departures and arrivals and NON VITAL Departures and arrivals (Manual). 2.  The VITAL NCO is responsible for Ensuring that the relevant procedures are compliant with current regulations and Technical Operating Procedures. 3.  Ensuring that all work carried out in the DP areas comply with the current Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAW), including the safe manual handling of loads. 4.  Responsible for ensuring the correct use of the VITAL system and that it is restricted to authorised personnel and authorised software.5.  Responsible for maintaining the VITAL maintenance and cleaning logs for the server clients and prints.6.  Responsible for maintaining VITAL fault logs and for hastening any outstanding incidents.7.  The supervision of all arrivals and departures VITAL and NON VITAL into the DP, ensuring that all priority Departures and Arrivals are actioned as soon as possible and that all discrepancies are actioned and investigated.8.  Maintain the security of all stores held within the DP.9.  Ensure that all MHE operators are aware of the correct procedures relevant to the equipment that they are using and that they hold the appropriate licence. 
LSS Cl 1. MJDI, MA, UAA, Node  Supervisor, OLIVER
German (B1)
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