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LTF(Sennelager) SNCO IC Vehicle Inspections

Vacancy summary

OR-6 - PO - Sgt

20/10/2022, 17:00 

August 2022
24 months
Land Training Fleet Sennelager
Nordrhein Westfalen
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

Unit Role: To prepare and present Land Training Fleet (Sennelager) platforms, associated equipment and Garrison Support Unit Training enablement of vehicles & wpns at the correct standard in order to support authorised training activity.            Responsibility:   1.  Technical advisor to LTF(S) CO and LTF(S) Wksp OC and on all matters.2.  Key PoC for all WKSP BaU Vehicle Inspection activities.3.  Plan, forecast, and co-ordinate resources in effective delivery of ES in order to ensure the success LTF(S) output activities aligned directed FPS training season exercises.4.  Execute effective command of all military and civilian personnel within the department including MS reporting, professional development, welfare & disciplinary issues.5.  Ensure ES Mat is managed correctly within the department.6.  Ensure the correct maintenance of technical documentation within Departments.7.  Provide advice and mentor all JAMES users within Inspections Departments.8.  Inspections EC Manager.9.  Work in alignment with Workshop EMS and conduct audit.10. Implementation and upkeep of Engineering Standards and Engineering Hygiene within Wksp departments; including adoption of EMS directed practices.11.  Ensure periodic management checks are conducted on a monthly basis, to ensure department remain compliant to current policies and procedures. 12.  Implement and record actions relevant to distributed SNvE and ENvE.13.  Maintaining a working knowledge of ES doctrine.14.  Maintaining a working knowledge of Corps, Army and MOD policies.15.  Assure that all inspections are conducted in accordance with in-service policy.16.  Deliver and oversee inspection refresher training e.g. RBT, Emission tester, 932X/933.17.  Liaise with LTF(S) FM / MTWO / Garrison Movement Control Officer for vehicle road tests and brake tests.18.  Directly brief LTF(S) Wksp OC / ASM / 2IC on current vehicle inspection quality and any policy issues or concerns.19.  All other tasks as directed by LTF(S) Wksp OC / Wksp 2IC / ASM.    
FTRS Application through to boarding
Operational experience aids understanding of generic requirements of deployed forces and gives credibility

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