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SO3 Watchkeeper

Vacancy summary

OF-2 - Lt - Capt RM - Capt - Flt Lt

30/09/2022, 23:55 

November 2022
36 months
HQ 11 SFA Bde
United Kingdom
RSDs - Reserve Service Days

Vacancy detail

Operate as a trained WKpr/LO in the Bde Ops room or other Control Centre during operations.
Develop and maintain an in-depth knowledge of all current Bde UK operational procedures, including Ops Room/Control Centre roles and responsibilities.
Develop and maintain close links with local and regional resilience agencies and responders.
Perform liaison duties as required.
Provide support to SO1 MCI CE (Res) as required during training activities, exercises and operations.
Provide additional training support to the Bde HQ and outside units as directed.
Other HQ duties as required by OC Watchkeeper, JRLO and COS.
 Assist SO2 G7 Res in planning and delivering annual training assurance to the Army Reserve cohort.
Have ability to use Army MIS.
Ops room experience beneficial.
Experience of CIMIC ops would be beneficial.
Availability for mobilisation. Although Emergency personnel i.e. L A Emergency Planners, Police, Fire & Ambulance enhance training their ability to RCM must be absolute to avoid conflicting priorities in the event of an UK Ops, often in the same AOR as their civ emp.  
Approx. 88 RSDs per year to include 6 weekends and 1 x 2-week period. There will be a requirement for additional work during the evenings and at weekends as directed. Opportunities to work remotely, however there will still be a requirement to attend HQ for weekend and Watchkeeper duties.
UK Ops Defence Contribution to Resilience (DCR) Level 2 Course. Should complete levels 1and 2 in the first 12 months of appointment.

For more information about how to apply for this opportunity, please visit the Army Reserve webpage.

This opportunity is closed to applications.