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Vacancy summary

Royal Navy
OR-7 - CPO - SSgt/CSgt - Chf Tech/FS
Chief Petty Officer

01/01/2032, 23:55 

12 months
Royal Navy
RN Engineer GS
United Kingdom
FTRS - Limited Commitment

Vacancy detail

The Primary Purpose:

Responsible for the provision of advice, leadership and guidance to all COMSURFLOT (East) Surface Ships for Ship Husbandry, Habitability. 

Chief Petty Officer Ship’s husbandry (East) will deliver the following functional outputs:

a.    To act on behalf of Cdr E in the provision of Guidance, Leadership, Advice, and Direction (GLAD) for Ship Husbandry, with a view to maintain and, where possible, enhance Operational Capability in COMSURFLOT (East).

b.    To plan, arrange and carry out continuous ship husbandry paint and cleaning surveys by carrying out Ship Husbandry Advisory Visits (SHAVs) for all SURFLOT (East) based warships delegated as their responsibility.

c.    Monitor preservation defects for each ship under their remit and actively observe the planning of rectification of the defects by inclusion of all FLAGO/COM Ship Husbandry related work orders for comparison with latest SHAV in for assurance purposes.

d.    Liaise with the COMs, service provider, and DE&S (FLAGO) to allow assurance that all work is completed to time and specification.

e.    Act as the intelligent customer, and point of contact, for Ship Husbandry support to COMSURFLOT (East) ships.

f.    Provide accurate and comprehensive Ship Husbandry guidance and support to COMSURFLOT (East) ships worldwide.

g.    Provide assurance that effective quality control of all preservation and re-preservation work on COMSURFLOT (East) warships is being carried out by FLAGO, including bilge, tank and deck work, in accordance with BS EN ISO 9002, Defence Standards, BR3939, ‘Warpaint’ and manufacturers’ instructions.
h.    Provide assurance that the Health and Safety at Work Act and all relevant regulations are fully complied with by all parties carrying out work.

i.    Effectively and diplomatically liaise with COMs, Ships’ Staff, the service provider (BAE), project managers and other MOD staff to ensure timely and effective completion of ship husbandry work packages

j.    Promote a 'whole ship life' approach to Ship Husbandry support of COMSURFLOT (East) warships, including comprehensive whole ship surveys, in order to aid Ship’s Staff in prioritisation of defects and subsequent production of work packages.

k.    Constantly strive to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and value for money for the MOD.

l.    Brief CDR E/SMEO/WO1 Engineering Support to COMSURFLOT on progress of ship husbandry work, and on any ship husbandry policy or management issues.    

m.     Efficiently maintain records of all data regarding ship husbandry work.

Secondary Purpose:

Chief Petty Officer Ship’s husbandry (East) is also to:

a.    To assist with the preparation of briefs on Ship Husbandry, and ship husbandry training as required.

b.    To provide COMSURFLOT (East) ships with guidance on the conduct of ship husbandry checks during flotilla visits, reporting of husbandry status and periodic updates on Ship Husbandry policy.

c.    To carry out Ship’s husbandry Advisory Visits (SHAVs) as requested by COMSURFLOT (East) ships, and as part of Annual Assurance and Safety Visits.

d.    To attend as the COMSURFLOT (East) representative on behalf of CDR E at a variety of working groups within these TORS, as required.

e.    To oversee the implementation of those aspects of MoD policy and instructions associated with ship husbandry, to co-ordinate and represent proposals for change. 

f.    To liaise with DSMarE on Ship Husbandry training matters.

g.    To brief WO Career Courses at DSMarE, as requested, on current ship husbandry issues.

h.    He is also to address emergent requirements, and as otherwise required by CDR E

Primary Responsibilities

Chief Petty Officer Ship’s husbandry (East) responsibilities will be delivered through:

a.    Conducting Ship Husbandry Advisory Visits (SHAVs) for all     SURFLOT (East) based warships.

b.    Compiling and delivering a Ship Husbandry Advisory Visit Report.

Secondary responsibilities:

Chief Petty Officer Ship’s husbandry (East) secondary responsibilities is authorised to represent CDR E at:

a.    Ship Husbandry and Habitability Working Group.

b.    Paint Working Group.

c.    Routine Upkeep meetings as directed by CDR E.

Must be an OR7 of ETME specialisation. OR6 applicants with a recommend for the next higher rank in their most recent OJAR will be considered. 

OR8 applicants, if successful, will only be paid as and wear the rank of OR7.

Must be serving as a member of the Reserve Forces or have served with the Regular Forces.

Chief Petty Officer Career Course (ME155)

HV Competent Person (ME466A)

Applicants will undergo an initial eligibility sift. Successful applicants will have their details forwarded to the Post Sponsor to arrange interviews. Unsuccessful applicants will be advised accordingly.

Following interviews; the successful applicant will be informed that they are the Preferred Candidate with details being sent to the CM RES FTRS Cell who will continue the recruitment process. Unsuccessful applicants will be advised accordingly.

Once the recruitment process is complete then the Preferred Candidate will be invited to take up FTRS.


The Anticipated Start date for this position will be ASAP 

This advert will close within two weeks of an application being received

Eligibility for FTRS/ADC

Any member of the Maritime Volunteer Reserves (RNR, RMR) or the Royal Fleet Reserves (RFR) (Ex-Regular Reserve) may volunteer to undertake a period of FTRS/ADC. Ex-Regular personnel whose RFR liability has run out may be re-instated to take up FTRS/ADC.

Applicants undertaking a period of FTRS/ADC must be suitably qualified by rate, specialisation, qualifications and experience to fill the posts for which they apply. Applications will be accepted from reservists who hold one rate or more above or one rate only below the advertised rate. Applicants one rate below may be employed in the acting higher rate (excluding the advertised rate of WO2 or WO1) if they are suitable, qualified and meet current promotion regulations in all respects. Applicants prepared to serve in a position at a lower rate then the rate worn will be appropriate to that of the position. Exceptions will not normally be considered.

Applicants must also be medically fit to fulfil the duties which their Commitment will require them to undertake. Personnel who have been discharged P8 Permanently Unsuitable Naval Service through the MBOS and Employability Board will not be considered.

Ex-Regular Reserves other ranks of an equivalent rank from sister services may apply, however will have to transfer to the RFR and conduct a period of Marinisation if they are selected as the preferred candidate.

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