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Vacancy summary

OF-2 - Lt - Capt RM - Capt - Flt Lt

30/09/2021, 17:00 

March 2022
36 months
West Midlands
United Kingdom
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

of security.
4.    Liaise with relevant Services and Departments as required and act as the Sqn Comd or CO’s representative when required, including to RFCA for the management of the site.
5.    Manage the Reports and Returns iaw RHQ Direction in a timely and transparent manner.
6.    Report all breaches of discipline, media and PR to RHQ in a timely and transparent manner.
7.    Disseminate policy, distribute Rolling Brief and ensure all informed net across the Sqn Group iaw the Regimental Information Management Plan.
8.    Management of the sub unit RSD, COE and Manpower returns. Submitting bids for additional RSDs for XO approval iaw CO’s Directive.
9.    Maintenance of the Sqn Account including AB 397 and supporting subsidiary accounts iaw current regulations and preparation of the account for annual audit.
10.    Ensure that the correct managerial checks are carried out on all material accounts. 
11.    Advise the Sqn OC on all budgetary matters including RSD usage.
12.    Management of the Sqn MS ensuring reports are raised in a timely manner. 
13.    Assist and advise with the coordination of a proactive Sqn recruiting strategy iaw RHQ.
14.    Preparation of all mobilisation documentation and maintenance of Rear based Enabling Component functions.
15.    Provide the initial point of contact for all external agencies including employers.
Regular & Reserve experience
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