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SO1 Trg Coherence

Vacancy summary

OF-4 - Cdr - Lt Col - Wg Cdr

30/09/2021, 17:00 

January 2021
36 Months
Capability and Acquisition
Army HQ, DCap
United Kingdom
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

Position Role: Desk lead for pan-Army training coherence issues within Army Headquarters, working to HoC Trg:
1. Desk lead and principle PoC for pan-TLB training coherence issues within Army Headquarters, incl. Individual (Basic) Training, Initial and Subsequent Trade Training, Professional Development, Collective Training and Mission Specific Training, whether Distributed, Residential or In Barracks..
2. Desk lead to cohere pan-TLB training coherence in response to COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the training pipeline is maintained seamlessly across HLBs, including the tracking of Training Deficiencies and maintenance of a Risk Register.
3. Ownership of Governance of Army Training ACSO 3248 and its iterative development, ensuring coherence across the training pipeline including R2A2.
4. Ensure coherence and compliance with wider Defence training policy, including review of JSP 822, and DSAT.
5. Support DPers’ Conduct of Army Training ACSO.
6. Deliver the necessary staffwork that supports the ATWGs, ATSG (CV), ATSG (Routine) and support HoC in delivering the 2* Army Training Committee (ATC).
7. Principal POC within Army HQ for other training DLoD coherence stakeholders including Army HQ Directorates (DPers, D Info, Integrate) and the Army HLBs. PoC for wider coherence including Defence Schools.
8. Maintain Cap Trg interests and input into the UK Defence Training Estate strategy development.
9. Support AH Trg Plans across the full range of trg coherence related matters - and deputise when required.
ICSC(L) or sS equivalent
Def Trg Reqts Practitioners Cse, DSATSO - can be completed upon appt.
Army - Understanding of training governance, design and management processes required
Op experience
Army HQ exp in Training delivery and/or policy appointments would be beneficial
SUC exp
ETS / Learning Development Advisor experience would be highly beneficial.
Application through to boarding
Remote working currently the norm but post covid a presence on the floorplate in AHQ is expected as commitments dictate. For further information or a job spec please contact

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