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Vacancy summary

OR-9 - WO1 - WO/Macr
Warrant Officer 1

28/02/2024, 23:55 

April 2024
36 Months
Operations, Reserves
162 Regt RLC
United Kingdom
Part Time Volunteer Reserve (PTVR)

Vacancy detail

1.  The WO1 SMC is responsible to the Commanding Officer for all Movement Control related issues as well as overseeing all Movement activities.
2.  Supervision, promulgation and implementation of all Movement related policy and changes across the Regt.
3.  Provide technical expertise and support on all Movement Control matters to sub-units, including visits to SU Trade Trg serials.  
4.  Supervise and advise on Regtl Movements tasking in support of Operations and Overseas and UK training exercises.
5.  Validate all applications for Movements trade courses, including prioritisation when required.  Ensure all applicants comply with RLC Corps Instructions for eligibility and suitability.
6.  Represent the Regt and Reserve Movements Capability at the Army HQ bi-annual Movement and Maritime Commitments Sub-Group and Movement Conferences and the Movements Trade Working Group.
7.  Direction and coordination of trade training across the Regt including Drill Night programmes for SUs and the delivery of StA Trg and Regtl Movements exercises in line with Regtl FoE.
8.  Facilitate opportunities for Reserve Movement Controllers to undertake work placements and OTJT with support to the regular Army.  In particular, access for SNCOs and above to 1* and/or higher Movement Cells.
Senior Movement Controller Course

Army Appointment Board

c44 RSDs
Must be able to attend a Tuesday Drill Night in each Sqn locn min quarterly.
Weekend work required.
Applicants must send their CVs/PPPs to Capt Broadhurst RCMO 162 RLC

For more information about how to apply for this opportunity, please visit the Army Reserve webpage.

This opportunity is closed to applications.