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Op Escalin FGEN

Vacancy summary

OR-6 - PO - Sgt, OR-7 - CPO - SSgt/CSgt - Chf Tech/FS, OR-8 - WO2
Sergeant, Staff Sergeant / Colour Sergeant, Warrant Officer 2

27/02/2024, 17:00 

June 2024
12 months
United Kingdom
Additional Duties Commitment

Vacancy detail

Role and Responsibilities:

  1. Assist SO3 Ops-Trg in Op ESCALIN FGen for the Army.
  2. Work closely with Fd Army, SJC (UK) and Defence School of Transport for the course amendments and cse loading.
  3. Monitor FGen Course Loading Spreadsheet for Op ESCALIN, located on the SJC(UK) SharePoint.
  4. Maintain/Manage nominations from 2* fmns in a day to day basis and send out hastener emails as required.
  5. Assist fmn Staff Officers in identifying their right candidates for cses through JPA search.
  6. Receipt of and staff check of all Unit Certification Forms before onward dissemination to DST.
  7. Conducting full eligibility check of all SP loaded onto an ESCALIN course, conducted prior to course start through use of SQA and My Drive databases.
  8. Covering force generation and liaison for the Fd Army during periods of SO3 UK Ops-Trg leave.
JPA user and advanced IT/Excel 
Regional Boarding

Applications to the Job Sponsor should be made via a PPP and CV, blank copies of which are available at the bottom of the Army Reserves webpage

Applicants are advised to review ADC TACOS within RLFR Amendment 9.

For more information about how to apply for this opportunity, please visit the Army Reserve webpage.

This opportunity is closed to applications.