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SNCO IC Training

Vacancy summary

Royal Air Force
ECR 65644
OR-6 - PO - Sgt

27/02/2024, 23:55 

July 2024
3 years
Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force
RAF Leeming
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom
FTRS - Limited Commitment

Vacancy detail

A vacancy may arise for a Sgt - Any Trade to serve as SNCO IC Training on the Northern Reserve Support Wing at RAF Leeming on Full Time Reserve Service (LC) Terms and Conditions of Service (TCoS), with an initial proposed start date of 01 July 2024 (or earlier, subject to candidate status/formal establishment of position).

The SNCO IC Trg, NRSW is the training team lynchpin, supervising and providing the enabling capabilities to lead and permit the team to undertake exemplary Phase 1 training, recruit welfare and associated duties to engagement support all at the right place, right time and to target.

The Post: Reporting to the XO & FS NRSW, the post is based at RAF Leeming with remote hybrid working options available (subject to agreement at interview). Please note to enable the support of trg, welfare support and engagement activity, the role requires occasional travel with associated overnight stays and weekend working.

NRSW Mission: To recruit, train and deliver motivated and inspired RAF Reservists to Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxAF) Squadrons within the NRSW AOR and Fast Track students from SCRS/CRSW & SRSW, ready to embark on Phase 2 training and ultimately deliver operational output for the RAF.

The team is entrepreneurial, initiative-taking, and works in a highly collaborative, forward leaning, challenging environment. We work closely with RAuxAF squadrons, civilian employers, outside agencies and tri-Service personnel to enable a supportive, collaborative trg and recruitment environment. Our mantra is: Attract, Engage, Recruit, Train, and Advocate. Your work will be key in enabling the team to recruit and train the reservists we need for the future.

About You: We are looking for someone who is comfortable working & leading a multi-talented diverse team, an initiative-taker, proactive individual who is content with empowerment and engagement with all ranks as part of the wider team. Someone who can identify issues before they become problems. Resourceful, well organized, and confident with IT and video conferencing as SNCO IC Trg you will represent the NRSW at key meetings, where you will be expected to fully participate (not just attend). You will have an enquiring mind, provide inspirational leadership, manage personnel and resources, make informed assessments, and relay key information in a variety of formats depending upon the audience(s).

We will expect you to go the extra mile, but in return we will invest in you, we are committed to your development. You will be part of a supportive team, working with colleagues, learning from them, and collaborating to achieve great results each and every time. The Royal Air Force is an equal opportunities employer. We believe passionately that employing a diverse workforce is central to our success. We make recruiting decisions based on your experience and skills.

Specific post responsibilities include:

As SNCO IC Trg responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

The supervision, management, mentoring and professional development of the NRSW Trg team ensuring the currency of all Instructors in accordance with RAF policy. This includes providing individual advice and coaching/mentoring as required.

Assisting the NRSW CofC with the compilation and upkeep of DSAT documentation in accordance with current policy. 

In conjunction with the NRSW CofC ensure the development and maintenance of a Wing (Wg) Management of Trg System (MTS). Ensure trg is safe, effective, represents value for money, and is delivered in full compliance with JSP 822: Defence Direction & Guidance for Training & Education. 

Managing Wg Trg Assurance Activity. In accordance with AP 3379, Lft 1220 - RAF Trg Evaluation Policy: 

Conduct Internal Validation (InVal) and First Party Trg Audits (1PTA), completing reports and managing non-conformities and observations through the Wg Quality Improvement / Action Plan.

Support 22 Group Assurance Wg (AW) Second Party Trg Audits (2PTA) including the hosting of pre-audit Scoping Visits, management of the Audit Visit and the implementation of follow up actions. 

Assist AW by facilitating completion of External Validation (EV) questionnaires by Phase 1 reservists and Wg line managers. 

The preparation of all administrative functions relating to new recruits participating in Phase 1 training, including Phase 1 provision and loading.

Planning, resourcing, and delivery of Pre BRTC-Training iaw current Training Directives.

The population of pre-Phase 1 and Phase 1 elements of the Training/Recruit Action Tracker. 

Liaison with RAF Halton BRTC staff to ensure Phase 1 training material is current and relevant, and the loading of personnel onto Phase 1 Pt 2 courses. 

Supervision, implementation, design, and delivery of the NRSW Phase 1 Training Programme (and associated training within the boundaries of the SE&W RSW AOR or another RSW (Reserve Support Wing) as detailed by the CofC) in accordance with training objectives.

When directed assisting with the recruitment of PTVR personnel and the planning and execution of recruiting related events. 

Promotion of Adventurous Training through organised minor and major expeditions and ensuring that all AT PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is monitored and maintained to the required standard. 

Maintaining the highest standards of dress, deportment, and discipline amongst Wg Trg personnel. 

The compilation of NRSW statistical returns as request by HQ Res and the NRSW CofC. 

Ensure resources for the delivery of formal trg are procured in accordance with the Trg Delivery Authorities’ requirements. 

Support Personnel with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD). In accordance with AP 3379, Lft 1550 - RAF Support for SpLDs (Specific Learning Difficulties). Parent Force Development Sqns should provide detailed expertise. 

Promoting and Enabling Digital Learning. Through the Defence Learning Environment and MS-Teams in accordance with AP 3379, Lft 1500 - RAF Policy for Learning Technology and the requirements of the Trg Delivery Authorities. 

You are also responsible for: 

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I (Diversity & Inclusion)). Ensuring that you comply with the behaviour and standards expected under Royal Air Force policy for D&I. 

Other Mandatory Training. Ensuring that you complete all other Mandatory Training including RAFFT (RAF Fitness Test), MOD 1, Human Factors, Defence Information Management Passport and Display Screen Equipment iaw the specified timelines.

Safety, Health, Environmental and Fire (SHEF). Ensuring that you adhere to the appropriate SHEF procedures and standards in accordance with RAF Policy and as required by my policy statement on SHEF. 

Security Orders. Ensuring that you are aware of the requirements contained in Security Orders and of your and those of your subordinate’s own responsibilities for security. 

Business Continuity. Ensuring that you are familiar with the underlying principles of BC (business cases) and your responsibilities in the Int Res Wg HQ BC Plan and any relevant supporting documents.

Resource Management. The efficient organisation, management and administration of the resources allocated to you including the issue of detailed TORs to subordinates as required. 

Data Protection. Under the terms of the Data Protection Act, you have responsibility for ensuring that any Personal Data held or generated by you is managed iaw the DB principles. 

Associated Duties. As detailed:  

DTS duties including the supervision and development of Defence Trainers within NRSW in accordance with Annex O to JSP 822, Vol 2.

DTM. Responsible to the NRSW CofC for the implementation of DTC (Defence Trainer Capability) direction, the functional management of the DTS (Defence Training Supervisor) and coordination of specific CPD (Continuous Professional Development). Also, the Wg lead for the continuing improvement of the Wg’ system for managing Defence Trainers and DTS in accordance with Annex O to JSP 822, Vol 2.

Role Related Responsibilities:

Line Manager for NRSW Trg Team personnel.

Must either have been, or currently be, a Sergeant (Any) or a Corporal (Any) eligible for promotion in accordance with AP 3392 Vol 2 Leaflet 560 and AP 3376 Vol 1. All Promotions will be ratified by means of a Promotion Board. If an applicant has been out of full-time military service and is applying for a post on promotion, they will also need to send their civilian appraisals or equivalent to evidence recent skills, knowledge, and experience to be considered by the Promotion Board.

Possess excellent interpersonal skills, oral and written communications with a proven ability to influence stakeholders and confidently operate in converse in high-level meetings and forums.

Defence Train The Trainer (DTTT) course level 2. If not already held, training will be given/willingness to complete course.

Care of Trainees/Enhanced Care of Trainees cse completion or willingness to undertake trg.

Possess qualifications & experience in Team building and leadership Trg or willingness to undertake trg (on appointment).

Possess excellent digital skills with the ability to exploit MS Office apps, SharePoint, Zoom, Skype, and MS Teams.

Must hold a current full UK Cat B (car) Driving Licence to include Minibus (trg given if not already held).

Human Factors (HF)/EM/EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) Facilitator qualifications or willingness to undertake trg.

Defence Trainer Supervisor level 2 Practitioner.

Recent experience of working in a Phase 1 or Phase 2 training role.

Skilled facilitator.

Have served on a RAuxAF Sqn and/or have a thorough understanding of the roles and functions of the RAF Res.

Drill Instructor qualification or willingness to undertake trg.

AT qualifications.

Have sound awareness of Health and Safety Legislation and the responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act. 1974. (Managing Safely (CN 2823) or equivalent.

Accomplished Presentation & facilitation Skills.

A Selection Board will carry out a rigorous selection process for this post, based principally on an applicant’s last 3 (for aviators) appraisal reports as required.  Enquiries concerning this vacancy should be made to:

Name:  Sgt G Macdonald


Applications.  Candidate applications, with a maximum 2-page CV (to include copies of last 3 appraisal reports as required) should be sent to:

Name:   Sqn Ldr Kate Moore


The closing date for applications is 27 February 2024 and interviews (unless prom board required) will likely take place week commencing 18 March 2024.

Unless already enlisted in the Reserve Air Forces the successful applicant will be required to be enlisted in the Royal Air Force Reserves with a liability for call-out for permanent service.

The appointment is on Full Time Reserve Service (Full Commitment) TCoS in accordance with AP 3392 Vol 7 Part 1 and AP3392 Vol 7 Part 3 Chapter 2 for an initial period of 3 years.

Confirmation of appointment will depend on successful completion of a RAF Medical Board.  Personnel who do not meet the Age/Permanent Joint Medical Employment Standard (PJMES) may apply for the appointment but will only be considered subject to an executive waiver process on a case-by-case basis.

Candidates who have been out of regular or reserve service for more than 5 years may be considered for this appointment. Prior approval must be sought from the relevant Professions Advisor to confirm current and past experience prior to being invited to interview.

Applicants of an equivalent rank from sister Services may apply but will only be accepted into the Royal Air Force Reserves if an appropriate Professions advisor can be identified to sponsor the applicant. The relevant Profession’s advisor approval must be agreed before the interview.

Regular Service Applicants.  Personnel currently serving in the Regular Royal Air Force should be mindful of the current Early Termination Minimum Waiting Time (MWT) for their respective Rank, Profession and ensure this MWT is compatible with the post sponsor’s proposed start date, prior to applying.

Ex-service candidates who have been administratively discharged through the KR1027 process will have their applications rejected as they are not eligible to join the RAF Reserves in accordance with AP 3391.

Pension Issues.  Personnel who qualify for a service pension should take financial advice from Defence Business Services (DBS) Pensions Department on the effect that undertaking reserve service has on their pension (details can be found on the JPA splash screen). Additional guidance can also be found at and MMP116 - Re-employment. Of particular note is reference to the ‘Effect of Re-employment’ on Commutation and, for those leaving on a ‘preserved’ pension, the Resettlement Grant.

Transition between TCoS.  Personnel taking this appointment from other TCoS should consider the impact on any accrued entitlements, such as leave, resettlement etc and should seek specialist guidance where required as certain entitlements are TCoS specific and may not be retained or transferred on transition between TCoS. 

Flexible Working Arrangements.  In accordance with the Flexible Working (FW) Policy, Reserve personnel can request FW arrangements with their line manager.  Any immediate FW requirements should be agreed with the line management at the interview stage.

Individual Reinforcement Training (IRT) (Module 1) and RAF Fitness Test (RAFFT).  Reserve personnel are required to maintain currency in IRT and the RAFFT iaw the relevant TCoS.  The successful applicant will be expected to undertake IRT and the RAFFT within 6 months of commencing employment (if required).

Annual Salary and Leave.  Pay will be in accordance with the pay scales published for the reserve air forces.  Leave entitlement is detailed in JSP 760.

Accommodation. Personnel serving on FTRS(LC/) TCoS are eligible to occupy Single Living Accommodation (SLA) if available, at entitled rates, if serving within the Air Command TLB.

This opportunity is closed to applications.