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Plt Comd W Coy ATR G

Vacancy summary

OF-1 - Mid/Sub Lt - 2Lt/Lt - Plt/Fg Offr, OF-2 - Lt - Capt RM - Capt - Flt Lt
2nd Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain

26/02/2024, 23:55 

June 2024
3 Years
United Kingdom
RSDs - Reserve Service Days

Vacancy detail

"Domestic Considerations: 44 RSDs per year(More available if required). Combination of modular courses delivered at weekends and consolidated courses, 7-9 days   Plan and oversee application of/ adherence to Coy Basic Trg programme with the effective, safe delivery and achievement of Training Objectives)
Command a Platoon of all arms recruits in their centralised initial training.
 Lead, monitor and manage Pl instructors on a day to day basis.
 To plan and coordinate individual training across the range of military skills.
 Deliver instruction to recruits as and when required.
 Conduct recruit interviews at appropriate times during Ph 1Trg as directed by OC W Coy. 
 Maintain and monitor Pl records as appropriate.
Carry out any additional duties as directed by OC W Coy.
 Advise 2IC I Coy on instruction performance as a basis for appraisal reporting"
DTC, CAT B Driving License, SA(K)18
Experience in Trg Delivery
Regional Appointment Board
DTC can be completed on appointment. AASAA & ITR qualifications can be made available 

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This opportunity is closed to applications.