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Vacancy summary

OR-8 - WO2
Warrant Officer 2

30/06/2022, 17:00 

May 2022
24 months
Operational Support
United Kingdom
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

1. Give guidance to and monitor the effectiveness of the LRTCs and MTOs in executing transport policy.
2. Coordination of Transport tasking at RPOC level when 1st / 2nd Line not available.
3. Liaison with local contractors over HRT service, where this service is not provided through the White Fleet contract.
4. Seek to achieve better utilisation of the existing white fleet within the RPOC AOR.       
5. Check and validate invoices received from contractors and monitor unit spends.
6. Communicate all relevant transport / movement legislation to units and run a TMWG conference on a regular basis.
7. Control and monitor the transport / movement and analysis of spend patterns.
8. The focal point for the management of the White Fleet Contract as directed under PBS II.
9.  Validate all contentious transport business received from units to help promote best practice in all areas as directed in JSP 800 Vol 5 and MTSR.
DTO (high), B1 Dvr (high), Army Logistics, experience in a transport environment / transport matters.
DDE (medium), accurate written work, IT proficiency.
FTRS Application through to boarding
For further role information contact
Holden, Jonathan Mr (NWHQ-Pers-MS-Disc-SO2) <> 

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