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Vacancy summary

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2nd Lieutenant, Captain, Corporal, Lance-Corporal, Lieutenant, Major, Private, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant / Colour Sergeant, Warrant Officer 1, Warrant Officer 2

30/09/2022, 23:55 

October 2022
Variable (Mob up to 6mths)
Any, AMS
AMS, CSS, Mobilisation, Reserves
UK Dental Centres (Shorncliffe/Tidworth/Catterick)
United Kingdom
Short-term Tasks, RSDs - Reserve Service Days, Mobilised Service

Vacancy detail

FORCE SENSE - Welcoming Expressions of Interest (all RESERVE DENTAL Trade Eligible)

Reserve Dental personnel (DO & DN) to support Op INTERFLEX - various UK Dental Centre locations and variable commitment periods (mobilisation). 

Key locations:

  1. Lydd TDU - Shorncliffe Dental Centre
  2. Knook Camp TDU – Tidworth Dental Centre
  3. Warcop Camp TDU – Catterick Dental Centre
  4. Wathgill Camp TDU - Catterick Dental Centre 

Likely timings:

  1. Preference for Reservists to be mobilised for set tranches periods:
    1. Tranche 1 - ASAP to Dec 22
    2. Tranche 2 - Jan-Jun 23
    3. Tranche 3 - Jul-Dec 23
  2. However, shorter deployments or flexible working patterns can be considered/discussed.

Reservists Volunteers should be in date ITRs 1-9 with Parent Unit prior to arrival at MRTC.

Must be willing to deploy on location for duration of mobilised period, but we are happy to discuss special arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

  • Dental CV.  All Reserve Dental Volunteers CVs will need to be assessed by (Army Pers-Health-Strat-Dent-SO2) on behalf of Army Chief Dentist prior to acceptance.
  • CVs to be submitted with positive nominations to LOC via the G3 Chain of Command - please engage CoC in the first instance to request further information up the G3 chain.
  • Once selected, Reserve Dental Volunteers will conduct G1/G4 mobilisation at MRTC.  There will be a 2-week Healthcare Governance & Assurance/DPHC Dental induction package conducted post mobilisation prior to providing clinical delivery.

For more information about how to apply for this opportunity, please visit the Army Reserve webpage.

This opportunity is closed to applications.