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Vacancy summary

OF-3 - Lt Cdr - Maj - Sqn Ldr

09/12/2021, 17:00 

February 2022
6 months
United Kingdom
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

1.    LEAD. Personally, responsible to the RCD for leadership of the medical centre in order to deliver successful, safe and effective clinical care to entitled population.

2.    SET STANDARDS.  Responsible for implementing effective governance systems to ensure effective risk management, (including child and vulnerable adult safeguarding) significant event reporting, clinical audit and quality of care improvement. 

3.    MANAGE. Senior line manager for DPHC personnel, locum and contracted staff within the 
practice and for attached personnel as required.

4.    SUPPORT. Provide suitable medical advice to the supported chain of command and ensure responsiveness of capability to enable medical force preparation. 

5.    COMMUNICATE. Implement systems to enable effective communication with patients, the supported chain of command and with the wider healthcare team management with due regard for Caldicott principles as the practice lead in this area. 

6.    TRAIN AND DEVELOP. Support the training and development of the wider healthcare team, including 
supporting those undertaking training or experience in primary healthcare [and ensure statutory environment and standards are maintained for GP training] – for Training practices

7.    DELIVER. Maintain professional registration and competencies in order to personally deliver high quality primary care and maintain credibility with medical and nursing staffs. 

8.    CONTRIBUTE. Assist with the development of DPHC wide medical policy within their level of expertise as required.

Registration with the United Kingdom UK General Medical Council (GMC), and on the General Practitioner (GP) Register.  
Holding a current Licence to practice. 
To be proficient in relevant Information Technology (IT) systems subject to appropriate training being provided. 

Previous experience within DPHC as an MOIC.

Safeguarding level 3.

Knowledge of medical IT systems used within the Defence Medical Services.
Occupational health and in particular military occupational health. 

Musculoskeletal medicine. 

Maintain continuing medical education, personal developments plans, and satisfy the requirements of recertification and revalidation.

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