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Cannot Edit Fields

You have attempted to edit some completed fields but the new changes will not save. Please follow the instructions below:

How to Edit Completed Fields

The first thing to do is make a copy of the information you currently have saved on that page. Next step is to clear the entire page. Do this by clicking on the 'Click here to clear all fields' link - found under 'Save and Proceed'. This will remove all the data in all the fields on that page. After the fields are cleared you should be able to save any new information.

The ‘Reset page’ button is used to retrieve any data you deleted on that page before you press ‘Save and Proceed’ which you use to go the next page. For example if you were to delete your address by accident you can press the ‘Reset page’ button and get that information back as long as you haven’t moved on to the next page by pressing the 'Save & Proceed' button.

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