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When I try to register I am told I have an existing account

It is not possible to create two accounts with the same email address.

If you try to register with an email address that has already been registered, you will receive the following error message:

"There is an existing account registered with the email address that you have entered. Please use the 'Reset Password' link on the left-hand side of the homepage to reset your password."

You should use the same email address for all your applications so that they can be linked together.

How To Check If You Already Have An Account

If you are unsure whether you have an account or you are having problems registering your e-mail account you may already have a login with us. Please use the password reminder link to have your password sent to you.

You may alternatively get this message, everytime you try to register:

‘We have detected that you already have compatible username and password.

This Application Form allows you to import any commonly asked information such as personal details and education into the application form without re-typing.

If you have forgotten your login details, please click ‘Password Reminder’ link on the left and we will E-mail them to you.’

If for whatever reason you have registered multiple accounts using the same email address, it does not mean that your username will be the same for all accounts.

If your username for the first account is:

Then the username for your second account may very well be:

If you do have multiple accounts, please ensure that you use the same account for each application. Starting an application form using one account does not mean you can access the same application form using a different account. Similarly, account2 log-in details will not allow you to login to an application form started using account1.

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