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Trg SSgt

Vacancy summary

OR-7 - CPO - SSgt/CSgt - Chf Tech/FS
Staff Sergeant / Colour Sergeant

22/02/2022, 23:55 

April 2022
ADC - 12 month periods
Bexleyheath, Greater London
Greater London
United Kingdom
Additional Duties Commitment

Vacancy detail

Army Reserve post: Minimum 27 RSDs per year. Requires availability Tue drill nights, exercise weekends and ADE. ADC: Available for minimum 1 or 2 full days (8 hours) every week, including Tue drill nights (1400 hrs to 2200hrs) plus selected weekends and during ADE period. Minimum of 27 RSDs a year, total 140 RSDs a year.

1. Responsible to the Ops Maj in supporting delivery of Regiment’s training events.
2. Book training areas, ranges and conduct changes as directed by Regt Ops.
3. Ensure resources for training activities are confirmed, booked and delivered as per Regt training plan. 
4. Support Regt Ops on planning of Regt training activities on a regular basis. Attend Regt Ops and Trg meetings and provide briefs and updates.
5. Produce EASP/RASP and Risk Assessment documentation in liaison with event leads.
6. Maintain records of Regt training activities as directed by Regt Ops.
7. Support RSM, SRWO, Trg WO and Sqn leads on execution of training events.
8. Conduct recce and attend range conferences for various military training areas and produce reports/provide feedbacks as required.

Class 1 CS Op or Class 1 Network Engr

Driver Cat B, GS LR

BAM booking tool
ODR user
Driver Cat B+E, C, C+E, D1
Regimental Assignment Board

For more information about how to apply for this opportunity, please visit the Army Reserve webpage.