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Driver - MT E Sqn

Vacancy summary

OR-2 - AB - Mne - Pte - LAC/SAC, OR-3 - LCpl - L/Cpl
Lance-Corporal, Private

08/12/2021, 23:55 

November 2021
24 Months
Operational Support, Reserves
United Kingdom

Vacancy detail

a.   An MT driver employed within MAB 4 is expected to: be able to drive any vehicle specified within the limitations of the licences held. In practice there is a requirement in the MT to, after familiarisation:
(1)    Drive all types of light vehicles, Category B.
(2)    Drive various types of medium sized vehicles, Category C1/C. (Desirable)
(3)    Drive passenger Carrying Vehicles, Category D. (Desirable)
b.    Comply with all national regulations (Road Traffic Act) and JSP 800. A copy of Drivers Standing Orders must be read and signed annually by all drivers.
c.    Comply with all provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act and related legislation and codes of practice.
d.    Comply with local instructions and directions as routinely issued under the authority of the Officer Commanding, MAB 4.
e.    Comply with all MOD regulations.
f.    Assist in loading and unloading of vehicles where possible in line with H&S    practices and heavy lifting guidelines. 
g.    Remain with any incapacitated vehicle until the vehicle is recovered, should a breakdown occur.
2.   Technical Duties (where applicable)
a.    Must be physically capable of carrying out before, during and after use checks of vehicles as required in the appropriate publication.  This is to be carried out on a daily basis even when the same vehicle is used.
b.   Responsible for the daily vehicle husbandry of the white fleet, including attending to routine maintenance and repairs. (i.e. changing of tyres, replacement of light bulbs etc whilst on task to ensure vehicle remains roadworthy) and reporting any faults immediately, as per Standing Orders.  
c.    Ensure that your vehicle is correctly loaded and that the load is secure.
3.   Other General Tasks
a.    Carry out any task(s) or carry out any action as directed or required by Sqn QPSI’s, IoT provide driving support to enable Sqn training and exercises. 
b.    Complete additional supplementary documentation i.e. ATUD, vehicle records and other documentation in line with MOD policy.
c.   Ensure that all necessary documents are carried within your vehicle as laid down in JSP 800 and MAB 4 MTSO.
Must be able to engage and work within a small team of highly qualified, competent personnel, in a fast moving fluid organisation.  Will be expected to work with little or no supervision and at pace.                                      
SC in-date.  DV may be required.
MAB Army Appointment Board
Applications (CV /PPP) to Capt Booth RCMO

For more information about how to apply for this opportunity, please visit the Army Reserve webpage.

This opportunity is closed to applications.