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Vacancy summary

Royal Navy
OR-6 - PO - Sgt
Petty Officer

14/01/2024, 23:55 

Royal Navy
RN Engineer FAA
United Kingdom
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

Domestic Considerations:

Must reside within commuting distance and be able to attend full working week.

Position Role:

A position has arisen in the UK F-35B Operations Centre (UOC) as an aircraft Engineering Scheduler (Eng Sched2) at RAF Marham within 1Gp Combat Air (Lightning)Force Headquarters (CAFHQ). The UOC Eng Sched2 provides F35-B Lightning aircraft engineering maintenance planning, Continuing Airworthiness (CAw) management control functions and optimizes the safe generation and sustainment of the Lightning platform.


The UOC Eng Sched2 is responsible to UOC A4 SO2, through UOC A4 SO3 Ops, UOC A4 FS and UOC Eng Sched1 for the following: 
a.    UOC Eng Sched2 is responsible to the UOC Eng Sched Team through UOC Eng Sched1 for ensuring the efficient management and delivery of all Lightning Pt M Continuing Airworthiness (CAw) activities within the designated AoR.  All CAw issues are to be immediately highlighted, through the Chain of Command (CoC) to Mil CAM and acted upon in a timely manner.

b.    In consultation with the EA, Fleet Planners, LPMC Tech Services, LPMC Eng Support and other stakeholders understand the “as-designed”, “as built” and “as maintained” standard for each LRIP and Block release of aircraft as they apply to UK Lightning.
c.    Support UOC Eng Sched1 for all Pt M Scheduling queries and undertake scenario planning as tasked by the UOC A4 SO2, UOC A4 SO3 Ops or UOC A4 FS.
d.    Maintain oversight of the Tactical and Strategic fleet planning picture to continually and proactively campaign maintenance packages in consultation with the Fleet Planners, LPMC Tech Services, LPMC Eng Spt and other stake holders.
e.    Drive opportunity and ad-hoc based maintenance and modification planning (including deferrals and LO) in concert with Force Priorities. Continually develop and have available accurate tail specific maintenance packages to maximise Force Fleet Availability. Provide these packages to the LPMC for endorsement prior to release.
f.    Develop an implementation strategy for each work package. Analyse and understand the Man Hours Usage, Logistics, Contractor Field Team (CFT), SE availability, facility availability and aircraft location requirements and any associated capability impact. Provide this information to the LPMC.

g.    In conjunction with the LPMC and Fleet Planning, undertake the investigation, analysis and intelligent tasking of Pt M Scheduling activities to the UK Lightning Military Maintenance Organisation (MMO) and Approved Maintenance Organisations (AMOs).  Understand A3 requirements and the impact of potential AOG events to inform wider Pt M decision making.

h.    In conjunction with the LPMC and Fleet Planning, track agreed CFT, Depot and Unit level Work Packages to ensure the completion of all tasked elements to meet Mil CAM requirements. Advise the LPMC of any activities which cannot be satisfied and offer advice on the implications. 

i.    Provide upward reporting and Pt M input to the Tactical and Strategic fleet plans and Statement of Work (SoW) or Maintenance Request Package (MRP) generation. Assess the proposed maintenance package to ensure it delivers the required safety, capability and reliability improvements.

j.    Gather relevant evidence and undertake trending to determine missed maintenance opportunities, support any applicable reliability programme and propose amendments and additions to the Maintenance Schedule to the TAA.  Advise the LPMC of any impact and offer advice on the implications.

k.    Provide weekly reports to the LPMC to assure the Duty Holder chain that all Modifications, Repairs and Technical Directives are carried out efficiently and in a timely manner to an approved UK standard.

l.    Provide reports on UK Lightning fleet status to the LPMC for Continuing Airworthiness Review Meetings (CARMs) and Continuing Airworthiness Management Meetings (CAMMs).

m.    Create, retain and manage role associated electronic CAw and auditable records.

n.    When requested by UOC A4 management, provide Duty OOH Cover to support Lightning Force CAw needs.

o.    Carry out the duties of UOC Eng Sched1 in times of absence, ensuring that their ToRs are satisfied.

Additional information:

The post has no Reporting Officer (RO) appraisal responsibilities. 

Must be an OR6 of AET AV specialisation. OR4 applicants with a recommend for the next higher rank in their most recent SJAR may be considered. 

OR7 applicants, if successful, will only be paid as and normally wear the rank of OR6.

Must be serving as a member of the Reserve Forces or have served with the Regular Forces.

On/Off aircraft experience, data management experience.

Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) training courses for the post will be provided.

F35 Lightning experience, previous employment in a CAw or CAMO environment.

Applicants will undergo an initial eligibility sift. Successful applicants will have their details forwarded to the Post Sponsor to arrange interviews. Unsuccessful applicants will be advised accordingly.

Following interviews; the successful applicant will be informed that they are the Preferred Candidate with details being sent to the CM RES FTRS Cell who will continue the recruitment process. Unsuccessful applicants will be advised accordingly.

Once the recruitment process is complete then the Preferred Candidate will be invited to take up FTRS.


The start date will be ASAP

Eligibility for FTRS/ADC

Any member of the Maritime Volunteer Reserves (RNR, RMR) or the Royal Fleet Reserves (RFR) (Ex-Regular Reserve) may volunteer to undertake a period of FTRS/ADC. Ex-Regular personnel whose RFR liability has run out may be re-instated to take up FTRS/ADC.

Applicants undertaking a period of FTRS/ADC must be suitably qualified by rate, specialisation, qualifications and experience to fill the posts for which they apply. Applications will be accepted from reservists who hold one rate or more above or one rate only below the advertised rate. Applicants one rate below may be interviewed at the discretion of the Line Manager and may be employed in the acting higher rate (excluding the advertised rate of WO2 or WO1) if they are suitable, qualified and meet current promotion regulations in all respects. Applicants prepared to serve in a position at a lower rate then the rate worn will be appropriate to that of the position. Exceptions will not normally be considered.

Applicants must also be medically fit to fulfil the duties which their Commitment will require them to undertake. Personnel who have been discharged P8 Permanently Unsuitable Naval Service through the MBOS and Employability Board will not be considered.

Ex-Regular Reserves other ranks of an equivalent rank from sister services may apply, however will have to transfer to the RFR and conduct a period of Marinisation if they are selected as the preferred candidate.

Applications for this job are to be submitted via SERVE please click the APPLY button below.