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Vacancy summary

2023904, 2023905, 2024192
OR-2 - AB - Mne - Pte - LAC/SAC, OR-3 - LCpl - L/Cpl
Lance-Corporal, Private

30/09/2021, 23:55 

August 2021
36 Months
" "
101 (City of London) Engr Regt (EOD&S)
Greater London
United Kingdom

Vacancy detail

1. Manage installation of Communications and Information Systems (CIS) Equipment within the Regiment.                                                     

2. Maintain availability of generators using JAMES.3. Support delivery of ME C3S training.                                                                             

4.  Administrate and manage the Regiment's telecommunications systems.

5. Assist in accounting & maintaining all Sqn CIS equipment.           

6. Act as a Troop signaller and advise Troop Commander on CIS resources.5. Manages and implements troop discipline and advises JNCOs on their powers of discipline.6.Provide guidance and advice to Tp Comds in CIS and Ech issues.

7.  Soldier development; mentor to newly promoted SNCOs within the Tp. JNCO development adviser/coach.

None Specified
This post is ideally suited to an ex-regular or reserve who has been employed as a C3S and deployed operationally.  Possible visits to sub unit locations in Kent, Essex and Nottinghamshire are required in addition to attending training nights, occasional weekend commitments and ADE.
Applications to Capt John Andrews RCMO -

For more information about how to apply for this opportunity, please visit the Army Reserve webpage.

This opportunity is closed to applications.