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PSAO 269 Bty

Vacancy summary

OF-2 - Lt - Capt RM - Capt - Flt Lt

09/12/2021, 17:00 

April 2022
36 Months
101 Regt RA
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

The Permanent Staff Administration Officer (PSAO) is responsible to the Bty Comd for the overall management of administrative matters in respect of Bty personnel, the QM/RFCA for accommodation and equipment, and to the RAO for Administration policy covering all aspects of G1 to G9.   The PSAO will be required to travel to;  RHQ (Gateshead), QM Dept (Newcastle) and other outlying locations (ie.. Sheffield).   The CO’s Directive and Unit Standing Orders are to be adhered to; however, PSAO key responsibilities and reporting duties include:

All administrative and personnel matters including pay, recruitment, leave, enlistments, re-engagements, discharges, promotions, PAP 10. Required to ensure Bty JPA information is current and Bty administrative management practices routinely produce administrative documentation, forms and reports within required policy timelines.  Hold competency and experience in MS management including report building and finalising.  Positively effect Bty administration and achieve a Green pass at the annual G1 Audit.  Supervision of AOs in the maintenance of personal documents, supervision of routine administrative returns. Supervise completion of JPA from attendance registers and supervision of all Bty pay matters including dealing with DHSS enquiries over Reservist pay.  Have working knowledge of RAPS. Management of MODNet within the Bty, including the submission of all business cases and advising on the reporting of faults.  Undertake LSO activities and manage MODNet account activity.  Oversee the Bty web and Outlook pages. Manage all aspects of line management for civilian staff and the day-to-day supervision of ADC personnel. 

Assistance to and follow up of Regt and Bty recruiting efforts.  Provide Recruitment statistics and manning support.  Cultivate external relationships with the media, civic personalities and any other persons or organisations that are able to assist with recruiting and retention.  Assist in ensuring the Bty retains as many trained soldiers as is practicable.  

Fund Manager and Service Fund Account Holder in compliance with Unit Standing Orders.   Required to maintain Bty accounts. Safe custody of cash, preparation of accounts for audit and compliance with audit board instructions and recommendations.  May also be required to manage others accounts, e.g. Officers’, Sergeants’ Mess or Band accounts.  PSAO acts as POC for the West Riding Artillery Trust (WRAT) and organises bi-annual meetings.

Management of the ARC on behalf of the QM and RFCA including Security, Fire, Health and Safety Officer for all personnel and all G4 functions for the Bty including managing the 'hiring out' the ARC as an alternative venue. Day-to-day management of facilities, this includes the management of contractors access and the management of works services, via RFCA. Environmental Waste Manager/ Energy warden.  Local IM manager for ARC. Supervise security measures for the ARC as the AUSO.  Liaison with the local police on a regular basis. Conduct OP WIDE AWAKE. Brief  Reserve Officers and soldiers on the threats posed by terrorist organisations.  Act as POC to RFCA for compliance and barracks infrastructure issues,

Sub-Unit Data Protection Officer, Welfare Officer and Equality and Inclusion Advisor (post training).   Sub Unit Fitness Training Officer - provide management overview on planned activities.

The post provides support of operational requirements (mobilisation), recruitment & retention and PAP10 policy, Community Engagement and Management support.     Assists the ROSO in supporting welfare assurance for families and employers of deployed personnel.   Ensures the delivery of the Army's governance and assurance requirements with regard to documents, weapons and data.      

All Arms Book Keeper (required to hold Bty accounts (AFB 397).          IT Sharepoint User.  Protecting Information, DSE and ModNet
QM/RQMS Qualified.     E & D Qualified.   CNO/VO trained.  USO trained.  MK2/ICSC desirable.
FTRS Application through to boarding
This is an admin management position which requires a good working knowledge of Windows packages including;  powerpoint and excel.  Previous exposure to G1 administration and staff work is desirable.  Previous working experience with reserve forces would be a definite advantage.      Objectives are likely to be formulated along the following lines:  Promote an inclusive culture within area of responsibility, working to increase understanding and engagement through education and initiative.
Exert a coherent and coordinating influence over subunit permanent staff and their key activities, including Line Management of civilian staff.
Deliver effective and timely G1 personal administration to all subunit personnel iaw current policies.
Maintain relationship with Local Council to enhance the Bty and Regtl reputation within locality, taking advantage of all council-run events for recruiting purposes.
Deliver effective and timely control of subunit Information Technology hardware and infrastructure, allied with effective influence over subunit Information Management processes and training requirements.
Implement Regtl Safety, Health, Environmental and Fire Policies, ensuring relevance and effectiveness to site location, always seeking to improve infra-facilities as funding permits.
Manage the Battery Service Non-Public Fund, executing Account Holder duties iaw Service Funds Regulations.

For more information about how to apply for this opportunity, please visit the Army Reserve webpage.

This opportunity is closed to applications.