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Fd Tp Comd

Vacancy summary

OF-1 - Mid/Sub Lt - 2Lt/Lt - Plt/Fg Offr, OF-2 - Lt - Capt RM - Capt - Flt Lt
2nd Lieutenant, Captain

30/11/2021, 23:55 

January 2022
36 Months
R MON RE (M), Oldbury ARC B86 8DH
West Midlands
United Kingdom

Vacancy detail

1. Command the Troop within the Sqn on operations, on exercise and in barracks.
2. Complete all MS and appraisal administration in a timely and accurate manner in line with Regimental directive.
3. Ensure the effective running and training of the Troop by timely and efficient programming, asset allocation and flow of information.
4. Manage all Troop personnel issues including manning, career management, retention, leave, welfare and education in conjunction with the Sqn OC/2IC.
5. Train, develop, encourage, advise and mentor all Troop JNCOs and Sprs.
6. Develop personal military knowledge, skills, qualifications and competence.  Complete all education courses required for promotion.
7. Ensure the overall management, inspection and serviceability of all weapons, equipment, vehicles, materiel and resources allocated to the Troop.
8. Promote an inclusive culture within area of responsibility, working to increase understanding and engagement through education and initiative.
NSV Security|Security Check|Joint|No

Must be able to attend F2F training at Oldbury Arc B86 8DH.

Applications/PPPs to:
Capt Alex Leslie, Adjt R Mons RE (M), 07984759413,

For more information about how to apply for this opportunity, please visit the Army Reserve webpage.

This opportunity is closed to applications.