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Vacancy summary

OF-2 - Lt - Capt RM - Capt - Flt Lt

30/09/2021, 17:00 

November 2021
24 months
Greater London
United Kingdom
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

1. Responsible for the Pay and Administration for A Squadron personnel in Barracks, on exercise and on Operations.
2. Pay and allowances are claimed for individuals on time and for duties undertaken in accordance with current regulations. Ensure that all personnel records are maintained correctly and that documents are updated as and when required.
3. Ensure Attendance Registers are uploaded onto JPA by the requisite day of the month, prior to the monthly cut-off.
4. Ensure Reserve Service Days (RSDs) are correctly recorded and that regular returns on usage are submitted to RHQ monthly.
5. Ensure Monthly management checks are completed on COSMIC and SOEs.
6. Maintain good relations and contact with other departments within both the Squadron and Regiment.
7. Act as the Civilian Staff Line Manager for the E1 Squadron Clerk assuring policy within HRMS / MAB / RAO MAB4.
8. Assist the OC and SSM as appropriate.
Must be able to engage and work within a small team of highly qualified, competent personnel, in a fast moving fluid organisation.  Will be expected to work with little or no supervision and at pace.  
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