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Vacancy summary

OR-6 - PO - Sgt

06/01/2023, 23:55 

February 2023
36 months
United Kingdom
RSDs - Reserve Service Days

Vacancy detail

Domestic Considerations: 44 RSDs per year that includes Reserve training weekends and a 15-day Annual Deployment Exercise usually in May/Jun of each year.
Position Role: MT SNCO required to develop the leadership potential of selected students and Army Reserve potential officers, and to promote the Army's ethos and career opportunities in order to secure commitment to the Army, first as officers, but also as future leaders in their chosen profession who will champion the Army in society.
1. The primary role for this appointment is to administer the MT Section when either in/out of Barracks during training periods, provide all resources required to allow the Corps to undertake training as per the OTC Directive.
2. Liaise with QM/MTO and keep abreast of any changes with regards to the training forecast for the Corps; where changes are made to the training programme, they are to implement them accordingly with regards to vehicle requirements.
3. Undertake driving duties in respect of all vehicles for movement of personnel, equipment and stores.
4. Responsible for the all registers and documentation pertaining to vehicles held on account and the maintenance of such vehicles, in accordance with current regulations, ensuring compliance with JSP 800, Equipment Care Directive and MT Standing Orders.
5. Prepare all vehicles and associated equipment in preparation for training periods.
6. Undertake ITR training as laid down in Reserve Land Forces Regulations.
7. Ensure that the Commanding Officer’s policies on Equipment Care for vehicles are being enforced and adhered to.
8. Support training and other commitments as directed by the QM, Queen’s UOTC.
Defence Transport Operator
Dvr Lic Cat B, C, & D1
Defence Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor
Unit Road Safety Advisor
Dvr Lice Cat D
GS Fam Cse
Army Appointment Board

Volunteer Reserve post employed on RSDs.
Must be an exemplar of the values and standards of the British Army & recommended for employment in a Basic Training establishment.

Applications should be submitted (ARes CV & Sldr PPP) to  Capt Alisa Scott, Adjt/RAO Queen's UOTC, Skype: 0300 1661690,

Further info available from Capt Tony Henry QM/MTO QUOTC Skype: 0300 1589094

For more information about how to apply for this opportunity, please visit the Army Reserve webpage.