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Army Reserve BSM

Vacancy summary

OR-8 - WO2
Warrant Officer 2

13/12/2021, 23:55 

January 2022
36 Months
Combat, Reserves
105RA - 207 Bty 105 Regt Glasgow G11 7DG
Glasgow City
United Kingdom

Vacancy detail

Position Role:   Battery Sergeant Major, 207 (City of Glasgow) Bty, 105 Regiment Royal Artillery  Responsibilities:
1. Ensure the CO's directives, policies, SOPs/SOIs are understood and carried out at all levels. 
2. Act as the BC’s advisor on all soldier matters, welfare, maintain values and standards, deliver and champion the leadership code and instil discipline across the Battery.
3. Develop and maintain the Gunner ethos and provide support to Gunner charities.
4. Provide support, coach and mentor the ORs, SNCOs and WOs within the Battery.
5. Battery lead for all tasks at state, ceremonial and public duties events including Op BRIDGE.
6. Support the BK / Subunit 2IC in commanding the Battery Echelon during exercises and operations; manage the Battery ammunition resupply process, conduct Echelon Recce, lead on local defence, CASEVAC, CPERS.
7. Support community engagement events on behalf of the Royal Artillery across the Battery's AOR.
8. Support the BC and SPSI in the planning and delivery of the Battery Training programme.
9. Act as the PMC of the Battery WOs' and Sgts' Mess.
Saluting Gun OIC Prac
2 day cse, can be completed after arrival if required. There are no prerequisites for this cse.
Army Appointment Board

Further information available form Adjt Capt J R C Bate RA -

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