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Vacancy summary

OR-8 - WO2
Warrant Officer 2

14/07/2022, 17:00 

September 2022
36 months
Operational Support
MAB 12
United Kingdom
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

1. MT personnel and MT support staff under their control. 
2. Vehicles and equipment under their control.
3. Task and supervise MT support staff in their daily duties.
4. Monitor qualifications and experience of MT staff, identify deficiencies and recommend ways of satisfying them.
5. Monitor staff competence to operate IT systems if required.
6. Task civilian staff only on tasks that fall within their terms and conditions of employment.
7. Comply with Unit Equal Opportunities policy.
8. Assist QM/MTO with welfare related matters.
9. Assist QM/MTO with MT personnel career counselling and advice.
10. Monitor MT personnel attendance, performance and prepare staff reports as required.
11. Assist in the recruitment/selection of MT personnel and training.
12. Plan and deliver in-unit driver training.
13. Ensure drivers are provided with all necessary-supporting items of documentation and equipment to complete their tasks.
14. Understand and when applicable, implement Whole Fleet Management (WFM) procedures.
15. Prepare, in conjunction with the maintenance and repair organisations, a detailed maintenance programme/forecast and ensure it is carried out.
16. Operate a robust system for the reporting and processing of vehicle, equipment faults and breakdowns.
17. Produce cost data to users of vehicles and equipment as required.
18. Use appropriate IT systems, including JAMES MIS and PHOENIX CLARITY.
19. Maintain Unit MT Standing Orders for Drivers and Unit SOP’s.
20. Maintain transport-operating data as required by QM/MTO.
21. Ensure routine administration/documentation is completed on time.
22. Provide information on all accidents to the QM/MTO.
23. Conduct the responsibilities of a Unit Accident Procedures Manager (UAPM).
24. Supervise MT contracts.
25. Employ contractor provided resources within the terms of the contract.
26. Provide contract management information to the QM/MTO as required.
27. Operate the MT in accordance with the MOD Environmental Policy.
28. Operate the MT in accordance with the Noise at Work Regulations.
29. Conduct the duties of a Defence MT HAZMAT Supervisor.
30. MT Budgets, operating within delegated financial limits.
31. Ensure the MT and drivers are operated in accordance with DSA 03 Movement and Transport Safety Regulations, JSP 800 Vol 5 (Joint Service Road Transport Regulations), Dangerous Goods Manual, and any other relevant Service Regulations.  
32. Advise Regimental 2ic, QM/MTO on MT SOP’s.
33. Comply with and assist in the development of the Regimental 2ic, QM/MTO Directives.
34. May deputise for MTO during periods of absence.
35. Operate a robust system for processing transport requests.
36. Operate a system to verify entitlement for transport.
37. Operate a system to allocate correctly trained and qualified personnel, in appropriate vehicles, to satisfy transport requests.
38. Ensure drivers are correctly briefed and have sufficient information to complete allocated tasks.
Master Driver (RLC)
Must have worked in a G4 & RLC post
FTRS Application through to boarding
Experience and/or knowledge of the MAB Group will benefit the incumbent of this post.

For more information about how to apply for this opportunity, please visit the Army Reserve webpage.

This opportunity is closed to applications.