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Vacancy summary

Royal Navy
OF-4 - Cdr - Lt Col - Wg Cdr
Commander, Lieutenant-Colonel (RM)

24/07/2022, 23:55 

2 Years
Royal Navy, Royal Marines
UK STRATCOM HQ, Northwood, Sandy Lane, Northwood
United Kingdom
FTRS - Full Commitment

Vacancy detail

Unit Role: HQ UKStratCom Command Force Development (CFD) conduct Force Development and coherence of all UKStratCom held capabilities on behalf of HQ UKStratcom including the Defence Targeting Enterprise (DTE).

Position Role: SO1 DTE Force Development (FD) will capture Head Office (HO) Targeting Policy including strategic guidance and direction, ensure targeting policy-planning alignment and providing support to the targeting capability audit.


Command Force Development (CFD) sits at the heart of the MOD’s newest Command, UK Strategic Command (UKSC). We put strategic analysis into the organisation’s decision making, challenge conventional ways of thinking about Defence and Security and drive new ways of doing things. We work with teams across UKSC building strong and productive relationships throughout wider Defence. We provide a fresh pair of eyes and draw on real world experience to produce strategic thinking and themes, consider alternative futures and think about how we can best respond to future threats. The team provides a unique, independent challenge and has recently led the development of the Command’s input to high-profile reviews such as the Defence targeting Enterprise (DTE).

Force Development (FD) of the Defence Targeting Enterprise (DTE) rests with Comd UKStratCom as the Defence lead for Targeting. In delivery of Head Office (HO) targeting policy it proposes the single, pan-Defence targeting demand signal and recommended courses of actions. In turn the Targeting Joint User acts, on behalf of Com UKStratCom as the primary pan-Defence (and potentially pan-HMG) representative of the end-user community for all Targeting capabilities. They act as the demand signal for the pan-Defence Lines of Development (DLOD) capability with responsibility for overseeing and supporting pan-Domain capability integration across DLoDs (Develop, Deliver, Generate and Operate Functions).

Successful applicants will take on a challenging, exciting and influential new role requiring strong leadership and communication skills joining a great team at the forefront of delivering major transformation in Defence. CFD provides a wealth of transferrable executive professional development and education including programme and project management.

A Joint Effects aware specialist is preferred with broad understanding of the wider targeting environment.

SO1 DTE Force Development Roles & Responsibilities: 

1. Capture Defence's wider demand signal for operations and determine force development needed to meet those demands.
2. Interpret HO Targeting Policy and strategic guidance for the DTE. 
3. Support targeting capability audit, stakeholder identification, consultation and management.  
4. Advise on capability prioritisation including risks and issues in order to develop the DTE.  
5. Provide SME advice and guidance when required.  
6. Assist the integration of DTE into wider joint effects across the spectrum of competition and conflict. 

Domestic Considerations:  A blended office (NWD) and home working routine with the flexibility to attend other locations when required. Access to Secret will require travel to NWD.

Must be an OF4 of ANY specialisation. OF3 applicants with a recommend for the next higher rank in their most recent OJAR may be considered. 

OF5 applicants, if successful, will only be paid as and normally wear the rank of OF4.

Must be serving as a member of the Reserve Forces or have served with the Regular Forces.


Professional Effectiveness    Interpret Head Office direction and guidance. Must have understanding of the DTE and its interaction with other domains. This requires a wider understanding of how DTE capabilities are deployed, developed and sustained across the DLODs and beyond. Ability to see the bigger picture and knit dispirate pieces together.

Breadth of Perspective    Thinking Strategically: Demonstrates an awareness of the wider perspective and operating environment to inform decisions and identify FD impacts. Must have experience of staff environment and firm understanding of current doctrine. Should have experience of forming and managing ad hoc teams from across a variety of stakeholder groups.

Delivering Results    Achieving Results: Perseveres to achieve objectives competently, allocating and amending priorities to meet aims and objectives. Should be able to interact and communicate effectively across all ranks up to 2* and be comfortable with working in a mixed civilian/military environment.

PAG and Joint C4ISR experience preferred

Familiar with Joint Effects planning and CoOrd

Degree level or equivalent in related discipline.

This post requires a high-quality results-oriented officer with a strong track record of performance and turnaround in high-paced organisations. Has the ability to utilise keen analysis and insights blending a team approach to drive DTE Force Development policy & doctrinal improvements and implementation of best practices.

ACSC - Or highly likely to be selected for ACSC

Recent FD experience beneficial

Applicants will undergo an initial eligibility sift. Successful applicants will have their details forwarded to the Post Sponsor to arrange interviews. Unsuccessful applicants will be advised accordingly.

Following interviews; the successful applicant will be informed that they are the Preferred Candidate with details being sent to the CM RES FTRS Cell who will continue the recruitment process. Unsuccessful applicants will be advised accordingly.

Once the recruitment process is complete then the Preferred Candidate will be invited to take up FTRS.


The start date will be ASAP 

This advert will close within 2 weeks of an application being received

Eligibility for FTRS/ADC

Any member of the Maritime Volunteer Reserves (RNR, RMR) or the Royal Fleet Reserves (RFR) (Ex-Regular Reserve) may volunteer to undertake a period of FTRS/ADC. Ex-Regular personnel whose RFR liability has run out may be re-instated to take up FTRS/ADC.

Applicants undertaking a period of FTRS/ADC must be suitably qualified by rank, specialisation, qualifications and experience to fill the posts for which they apply. Applications will be accepted from reservists who hold one rank or more above or one rank only below the advertised rank. Applicants one rank below may be interviewed at the discretion of the Line Manager and may be employed in the acting higher rank if they are suitable, qualified and meet current promotion regulations in all respects. Applicants prepared to serve in a position at a lower rank then the rank worn will be appropriate to that of the position. Exceptions will not normally be considered.

Applicants must also be medically fit to fulfil the duties which their Commitment will require them to undertake. Personnel who have been discharged P8 permanently unsuitable Naval Service through the MBOS and Employability Board will not be considered.

Applications for this job are to be submitted via SERVE please click the APPLY button below.

This opportunity is closed to applications.