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Vacancy summary

Royal Navy
OR-4 - LH/LR - Cpl
Leading Seaman

29/01/2023, 23:55 

2 years
Royal Navy
RN Warfare GS
Communications Technician
United Kingdom
FTRS - Full Commitment

Vacancy detail

The Maritime C5IR Support Unit (MCSU) is a Navy Command force element under ACOS IW that delivers and supports command, control, computers, communications, coalition, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance equipment and information services to maritime deployed users.


The CPT mission statement is:

To defend mission-critical systems within the Commander’s NEAR and MID cyber terrain in order to support operational success.


The Post holder will be accountable to Threat Intelligence Manager for their Primary Purpose:

a.         Support the delivery, sustainability and development of RNCPT monitor and incident response capability, in line with OP AUGITE and Joint CPT CONOPS.

b.         Monitor and protect systems that are the responsibility of RN, in the MCSU CDOC / Help Desk.

c. Support and fulfil tasks as directed by MCSU.

d.         Support and fulfil tasks that have been formally requested by outside agencies and have been approved by NCHQ.                   


Secondary Purposes:

a.         Conduct military training as required including NCT (RN), MATTS (RM) and annual competencies.

b.         Conduct MCSU daily duties in line with the MCSU duty roster.


The primary tasks undertaken all MCSU Threat Intelligence Analyst post are:

a.         Deploy specialist network security monitoring tools to proactively search for cyberspace adversaries who have breached local cyber defences and operate within RN IS and/or Information Control Systems.

b.         Ensure all tasks are conducted in accordance with CPT standard operating procedures and where necessary update them accordingly.

c.         Produce written reports or provide verbal briefings of incidents that have occurred and to give guidance to the CPT TL & TI Manager (OR7) of mitigation steps to be taken.

d.         Ensure all CPT incident response equipment is kept in good order and at a state of readiness for deployment.

e.         Assist in the correct placement of network and host intrusion detection sensors.

f.          Use the relevant tooling to actively search monitored networks, ICS and PMS for potential threats.

g.         Report and brief on any MODCERT and WARP notifications to the MCSU daily brief and where necessary update the MCSU announcements.

h.         Assist in the production of a CARVER matrix during DCO planning.

i.          Conduct duties as MCSU Duty Rating and support others as required in the role of Duty Rating.

j.          Promote Diversity and Inclusion best practice.


Secondary Tasks:

a.         Deputise for the CT Manager (OR7) in their absence.

b.         Augment or stand in for the monitoring function of the CPT as and when required. The follow tasks are to be done.

            (1)        Conduct daily checks on the systems to ensure that network traffic is being   monitored correctly.

            (2)        Using the relevant software to be able to capture network traffic for post incident           analysis.

            (3)        Assist in the creation signatures for network and host intrusion detection.

c.         Support PSyA in conducting TST Vulnerability Assessments and assist in articulating potential risks to MCSU and system owners.

Must be a serving Regular or Maritime Reserve OR4 or Ex-Regular OR4 of the CT  specialisation.

Must hold:

  • Experience on a wide variety of platforms and a firm understanding of networked computer systems, with a good understanding of Cyber principles required.
  • STRAP Clearance

Applicants will undergo an initial eligibility sift. Successful applicants will have there details forwarded to the Post Sponsor to arrange interviews. Unsuccessful applicants will be advised accordingly.

The successful applicant at interview will be informed that they are the Preferred Candidate with details being sent to the CM RES FTRS Cell who will continue the recruitment process. Unsuccessful applicants will be advised accordingly.

Once the recruitment process is complete then the Preferred Candidate will be invited to take up FTRS.


Start date is ASAP

The advert will close 2 weeks after applications are received

Eligibility for FTRS/ADC

Any member of the Maritime Volunteer Reserves (RNR, RMR) or the Royal Fleet Reserves (RFR) (Ex-Regular Reserve) may volunteer to undertake a period of FTRS/ADC. Ex-Regular personnel whose RFR liability has run out may be re-instated to take up FTRS/ADC.

Applicants undertaking a period of FTRS/ADC must be suitably qualified by rank/rate, specialisation, qualifications and experience to fill the posts for which they apply. Applications will be accepted from reservists who hold one rank/rate or more above or one rank/rate only below the advertised rank. Applicants one rank below may be employed in the acting higher rank (excluding the advertised Rank of WO2 or WO1) if they are suitable, qualified and meet current promotion regulations in all respects. Applicants prepared to serve in a position at a lower rank/rate then the rank/rate worn will be appropriate to that of the position. Exceptions will not normally be considered.

Applicants must also be medically fit to fulfil the duties which their Commitment will require them to undertake. Personnel who have been discharged through the MBOS and Employability Board will not be considered.

Applicants of an equivalent rank from sister services may apply, however Ex-Regular or Volunteer Reserve Officers and Volunteer Reserve Other Ranks will only be accepted if they are FIRST accepted into the RNR or RMR and only if an appropriate specialisation sponsor can be identified to sponsor the applicant. Ex-Regular Other Ranks will be accepted but will have to transfer to the RFR.

Application for FTRS Positions

To apply for a FTRS/ADC position advertised on SERVE applications are to be submitted via SERVE, click APPLY below