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Tech Elec Cl 1 OIC (7373)

Vacancy summary

OR-6 - PO - Sgt

11/04/2024, 17:00 

June 2024
24 months
SEF(G) Wksp
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

. Technical advisor to OC SEF(G), ASM and Wksp Senior Inspector on all Optronic matters including technological advancements.
2. Carry out inspection, repairs and maintenance on the CR2 MBT, WR and AS90 and any other future equipments held in SEF(G).
3. Plan, forecast, and co-ordinate resources to ensure the Unit meets its readiness targets.
4. Execute effective command of all military and civilian personnel within the department including MS reporting, professional development, welfare & disciplinary issues.
5. Ensure that all department repair lines complete all repairs and regeneration in a timely manner to maintain the necessary equipment capability.
6. Ensure EC Mat is managed correctly within the department.
7. Maintaining a working knowledge of all ES doctrine including ESRS, LEUMS and LEES.
8. Maintaining a working knowledge of all current Corps, Army and MOD policies.
9. Liaise with PT and outside agencies if required, to resolve any ES or ES Mat issues.
10. Implementation and upkeep of Engineering Standards and Engineering Hygiene within the Department.
11. Ensure periodic management checks are conducted monthly, to ensure department remain compliant to current policies and procedures
12. All other tasks as directed by SEF(G) Wksp Senior Inspector and ASM.
Tech Elec Cl 1, JAMES operator, 
German Language,
Apply direct via SERVE
CR2 MBT, Armd Systems, WR Systems AS90 Systems, must hold a driving Licence.

This opportunity is closed to applications.