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Vacancy summary

OF-3 - Lt Cdr - Maj - Sqn Ldr
Lieutenant-Commander, Major, Major (RM), Squadron Leader

24/03/2024, 23:55 

April 2024
2 years
Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines, Naval Careers Service
42 CDO RM Bickleigh
United Kingdom
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

The role of 42 Cdo RM OC RSG provides control, coordination, management, and oversight for all the Security, Infrastructure, Health & Safety, Base Compliance and Real-Life Support (RLS) of the Unit.




  • Primary Purposes. To manage the Unit’s Health, Safety & Environmental Protection, Infrastructure and Base Security. To act as the 2RO for all the military RLS Base Admin team, Infra and Safety team, MPGS Detachment, Unit Pay Office, Unit Travel Cell and Unit Rehab Troop. The postholder will act as the overall manager and Counter Signing Officer for all the Civil Servants on site.  

  • Secondary Purposes. Staff Officer to be employed in routine Operational planning aligned to activity directed by the Cdo HQ. Conduct Duties as the Duty Staff Officer over occasional weekdays and weekends.


  • Manage Infrastructure areas of compliance on behalf of the Commanding Officer.


  • The post holder is to carry out the following tasks:
  •  Administer allocated Base facilities and provide administration support to the Unit.
  • Have overall responsibility for the administration of Bickleigh Barracks on behalf of the Commanding Officer.
  • Unit Safety, Health, Environment and Fire Officer (SHEFO).
  • MoD contract manager for all designated Hard and Soft Facilities Management (FM).
  • Lead for all infrastructure matters within Bickleigh Barracks and act as the military liaison with Navy Infra, DIO and the Industry Partner (IP).
  • Establishment Security Officer.
  • Manage all Civil Servants within Bickleigh Barracks.



  • The post holder will carry out the following Establishment Duties:
  • Conduct Cdo HQ Duty Staff Officer duties.

Part 2:  Key Change Objectives

(To be agreed between employee and Line Manager annually or on taking up the post)

  1. During the next 12 months, the post holder is to direct their efforts to achieve their primary and secondary purposes, with the following specific targets:
    1. Continued liaison with Navy INFRA and DIO PMs irt the forthcoming Single Living Accommodation (SLA) projects on site due to start in Spring 2025.
    2. Lead on planned training infrastructure projects at RM Bickleigh.
    3. Further requirements to be agreed on when taking up the post – SORP.

Must be an OF3 of any specialisation. OF2 applicants with a recommend for the next higher rank in their most recent OJAR will be considered.

OF4 applicants, if successful, will only be paid as and wear the rank of OF3.

Must be serving as a member of the Reserve Forces or have served with the Regular Forces.



  1. The post holder is to hold the following within the first six months.





NEBOSH General Certificate

Civilian Course


Establishment Security Officer Course



Security Clearance



Joint Infrastructure User Course    

RSME Chatham   


Candidates should follow the application process for their service.

Royal Navy Applicants should follow the RN Application process.

Army Applicants should follow the Army Application process.

Royal Air Force Applicants should follow the RAF Application process.

This opportunity is closed to applications.