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SO2 My Trg (13560)

Vacancy summary

OF-3 - Lt Cdr - Maj - Sqn Ldr

13/03/2024, 17:00 

April 2024
36 Months
Land Warfare Centre Operate Pillar
United Kingdom
FTRS - Home Commitment

Vacancy detail

1. New post to lead the ongoing development and exploitation of the MyTrg app and supporting digital ecosystem to support delivery of Land Trg System (LTS). Current, in-depth experience and understanding of MyTrg, Army-wide, in support of LTS/TRADEWIND, is therefore, an essential requirement.
2. Post-holder requires the drive, mental agility and breadth of understanding to develop and deliver an LWC digitalisation strategy and ensure coordination with MOD’s/Army’s strategic intent (eg, development of DLMC) and Fd Army Productivity Prog outputs and intent (e.g. STM and CCAM).
3. Post-holder will: develop and deliver digitalised app implementation and sustainment plans; drive sustainable change; obtain internal LWC endorsement of changes required to implement digitalisation initiatives across LWC Op Gps and Field Army.
5. Manage and enhance high-level coord between MyTrg PoCs (LWC, ARITC and RMAS), MyTrg development team and Fd Army Productivity Prog, thereby ensuring the technical solution meets customer needs.
6. Lead for liaison with CTG/CTTP on digitalisation initiatives, deconflicting with MyTrg e.g. MIMIR/ MIMIR I+.
7. LWC lead for MyTrg provision to Army Apprenticeship Programme (and other accreditation offers).
8. Line Manage 2 x Trg Apps Managers in LWC.  
Post holder must possess current knowledge and understanding of the Army's digitalised eco-system in general, plus current experience of developing, delivering and managing, the MyTrg digitalised app in particular. 
Training delivery.
Delivering Results (Essential) - must be able to plan and organise priorities effectively and build successful relationships with military and civilian staff and contractors in developing and delivering rollout plans for similar digitalised applications.
Influencing (Essential) - confident verbal and written communicator who can articulate technical and policy matters to 1* (military and Civil Servant), contractors and staff.
Adaptability & Initiative (High) - adapts to new circumstances and brings to bear both common-sense and innovation.
Current/recent staff-level LWC experience.
Apply direct here through to boarding
Key post within a new/evolving org/structure. Incumbent requires current knowledge and understanding of the evolving digitalised Army Productivity Prog (formerly Army IX) eco-system in order to enable them to work with minimum supervision and demonstrate initiative and adaptability from the outset.

This opportunity is closed to applications.