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Ops WO LCG (11134)

Vacancy summary

OR-8 - WO2
Warrant Officer 2

11/04/2024, 17:00 

August 2023
36 mths
Greater London
United Kingdom
FTRS - Limited Commitment

Vacancy detail

1. An intricate understanding of SCPD and the different Regimental customs and styles.
2. Lead for SCPD STTTs at LCG.
3. Support and enable drill training for the PDCs – Offrs and ORs
4. Support the Garrison Sergeant Major for key events
5. Assist in all G3/5/7 outputs for the Garrison.
6. Assist the Bn 2IC and Ops Offr with the LCG battle rhythm, FOE and allocation of duties to PDCs
7. Assist with Op TEMPERER LCG readiness.
8. Support and enable field training for the PDCs.
Advance Drill Instructor.
Detailed knowledge of all SCPD events, including the Birthday Parade, State Visits and Cenotaph Parade in order to support the GSM with delivery.
Unit Deployment Officer - To ensure that the PDCs deploy correctly (OTX/FIRIC)                                   Ft Gds DSgt - Understand the details of SCPD and to work with the GSM      Unit Fire Safety Manager - To be the understudy for the Bn 2iC             Ops WO - To support the Coys when they deploy                           Warrant Officers ALPD - To mentor and teach the CSMs within the PDCs
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