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Vacancy summary

Royal Air Force
OF-3 - Lt Cdr - Maj - Sqn Ldr
Squadron Leader

30/09/2022, 23:55 

February 2023
4 years
Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Army
Aircrew, Air & Space Ops
RAF Honington
United Kingdom
FTRS - Limited Commitment

Vacancy detail

A vacancy has arisen for a Squadron Leader to serve as Squadron Leader Operations at RAF Honington on FTRS(LC) Terms and Conditions of Service (TCoS), with an initial proposed start date of 8 Feb 2023.

A diverse and interesting job with responsibility for airfield operations; implementing Force Protection training functions; promoting and advising on the RAF Aviation Error Management System (AEMS); organising and managing Occurrence Safety Investigations (OSI) and in turn, convene and manage Occurrence Review Groups (ORG); and application of the RAF Just Culture Policy; Risk and Performance Management reporting; Contingency and Resilience Planning and Arms Control. 

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Directly responsible to the Head of Establishment (HoE) for the assurance of appropriate safety, coherence, hazard identification and management of air operations at RAF Honington.
  • Develop mechanisms and procedures to assure the HoE as Duty Holder (DH)-Facing, that a Safe Operating Environment exists.
  • Develop, populate, and maintain the RAF Honington Defence Aerodrome Manual and other supporting documentation.
  • Consider the direction set by the MAA and act accordingly.
  • Maintain the RAF Honington Air Safety Management Plan.
  • Maintain and exercise the RAF Honington Major Incident Response Plan.
  • Promote and facilitate an effective Flight Safety, Error Management and Foreign Object Damage (FOD) protection culture across the Station.
  • Act as Station Error Management System Coordinator (SEMSCO), coordinating the efforts of the Deputy and Local Error Management System Coordinators to deliver an effective Aviation Error Management System.
  • Ensure personnel responsible for conducting key roles in implementing the assurance strategy are sufficiently qualified, competent and trained.
  • Maintain the Business Continuity (BC) Plan and record KPIs on PARMIS.
  • Act as the Station’s Arms Control Officer and submit the Annual returns.
  • Supervise Air Ops, Fire Safety and FP personnel under command.

    Must either have been, or currently be, a Squadron Leader or a Flight Lieutenant eligible for promotion in accordance with AP 3393 Vol 1 and AP 7000. All Promotions will be ratified by means of a Promotion Board.

    If an applicant has been out of full-time military service and is applying for a post on promotion, they will also need to send their civilian appraisals or equivalent to evidence recent skills, knowledge, and experience to be considered by the Promotion Board.   

    Applicants must possess effective communications skills (verbal, written and IT) and be able to brief and present with authority.

    Applicants must have completed ICSC or IOD.

    • Working knowledge of aerodrome operations
    • Risk and Performance management experience
    • Completed the Human Factors course.
    • Working knowledge of RAF Flight Safety environment.
    • Working knowledge of Aviation Safety Information Management System and Aviation Error Management System, as well as Occurrence Safety Investigation and Service Inquiry.


    Attendance on the courses listed below to be completed within 3 months of assumption dependent on course availability:

    • Duty Holder Air Safety Course (DHASC)
    • RPAS Open Category Duty Holder Briefing Day
    • PARMIS Training

    Attendance on the courses listed below to be completed within 6 months of assumption dependent on course availability:

    • Air Safety Management System Overview (ASMsO)
    • Flight Safety Officers Course (FSOC)
    • Business Continuity course.
    • Unit Arms Control Officers’ Course.
    • Flying Display Directors (FDD) Course
    • Effective Error Management (EEM) Course
    • Occurrence Review Group (ORG) Course
    • MAA Air Safety Risk Assessment and Management Practitioners (MASRAMP) Course
    • Defence Contribution to UK Resilience level 3.*

    A Selection Board will carry out a rigorous selection process for this post, based principally on an applicant’s last 4 appraisal reports as required.  Enquiries concerning this vacancy should be made to:

    Wg Cdr R English

    OC Support Wing

    RAF Honington

    Bury St Edmunds


    IP31 1EE

    01359 237202

    Applications.  Candidate applications, with a maximum 2-page CV (to include copies of last 4 appraisal reports as required) should be sent to:

    Wg Cdr R English

    OC Support Wing

    RAF Honington

    Bury St Edmunds


    IP31 1EE

    The closing date for applications is 30 Sep 22. Interviews will take place week commencing 20 Oct 22 unless a promotion board is required.

    Unless already serving in the Reserve Air Forces the successful applicant will be required to be enlisted in the Royal Air Force Reserves with a liability for call-out for permanent service.

    The appointment is on Full Time Reserve Service (Limited Commitment) TCoS in accordance with AP3392 Vol 7 Part 1 Chapters 15 and 16 and Part 3 Chapters 1 and 2 for an initial period of 4 years.

    Confirmation of appointment will depend on successful completion of a RAF Medical Board.   Personnel who do not meet the Age/Permanent Joint Medical Employment Standard (PJMES) may apply for the appointment but will only be considered subject to an executive waiver process on a case-by-case basis.

    Candidates who have been out of regular or reserve service for more than 5 years may be considered for this appointment.  Prior approval must be sought from the relevant Professions Advisor to confirm current and past experience prior to being invited to interview.

    Applicants of an equivalent rank from sister Services may apply but will only be accepted into the Royal Air Force Reserves if an appropriate Professions advisor can be identified to sponsor the applicant.  The relevant Profession’s advisor approval must be agreed before the interview.

    Regular Service Applicants.  Personnel currently serving in the Regular Royal Air Force should be mindful of the current Early Termination Minimum Waiting Time (MWT) for their respective Rank, Profession and ensure this MWT is compatible with the post sponsor’s proposed start date, prior to applying.

    Ex-service candidates who have been administratively discharged through the QR1027 process will have their applications rejected as they are not eligible to join the RAF Reserves in accordance with AP 3391 (Vol 3, Lft 207, Annex L, Para 1a).

    Pension Issues.  Personnel who qualify for a service pension should take financial advice from Defence Business Services (DBS) Pensions Department on the effect that undertaking reserve service has on their pension (details can be found on the JPA splash screen). Additional guidance can also be found at and MMP116 - Re-employment. Of particular note is reference to the ‘Effect of Re-employment’ on Commutation and, for those leaving on a ‘preserved’ pension, the Resettlement Grant.

    Transition between TCoS.  Personnel taking this appointment from other TCoS should consider the impact on any accrued entitlements, such as leave, resettlement etc and should seek specialist guidance where required as certain entitlements are TCoS specific and may not be retained or transferred on transition between TCoS. 

    Flexible Working Arrangements. In accordance with the Flexible Working (FW) Policy, Reserve personnel can request FW arrangements with their line manager.  Any immediate FW requirements should be agreed with the line management at the interview stage.

    Individual Reinforcement Training (IRT) (Module 1) and RAF Fitness Test (RAFFT).  Reserve personnel are required to maintain currency in IRT and the RAFFT iaw the relevant TCoS.  The successful applicant will be expected to undertake IRT and the RAFFT within 6 months of commencing employment (if required).

    Annual Salary and Leave.  Pay will be in accordance with the pay scales published for the reserve air forces.  Leave entitlement is detailed in JSP 760.

    Accommodation. Personnel serving on FTRS(LC) TCoS are eligible to occupy Single Living Accommodation (SLA) if available, at entitled rates, if serving within the Air Command TLB. However, due to a severe shortage, it is unlikely that accommodation will be available at RAF Honington.

    This opportunity is closed to applications.